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SLENDERTONE ABS8 Unisex Abs Toning Belt

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Tone up your deep core muscles whenever and wherever you like with the Abs8 belt. The unique, patented technology of the Slendertone belts makes them the only belts able to simultaneously strengthen the 4 muscle groups that form the abdominals.

Technical Information

Proven results

Increases resistance strength by 72%,
Increases abdominal strength by +49%,
Reduces waist size by 3.5 cm /
(clinical trials after 4 weeks)
We recommend using the belt for 20 to 30 minutes per day, 5 times per week.

Features of the Slendertone Abs8 - Part 1

The OLED screen (organic light-emitting diodes) does not need to be backlit and provides a superior image quality to ordinary LCD screens
The display faces upwards so that you can see the information displayed while toning your abs
You can select your programme and your intensity
The timer counts down to the end of the programme
The intensity can be increased at the top or bottom
You can track the number of toning sessions done so far

Features of the Slendertone Abs8 - Part 2

Memory to track your last strength training session
Rechargeable via the USB charging cable
Controller that easily attaches to the belt using magnets.

What is in the Slendertone Abs8 box?

1. Slendertone Abs8 toning belt - for waists measuring 61 to 107 cm,
2. Slendertone Abs8 belt controller,
3. One pack of three adhesive hydrogel electrodes for approx. 25 to 30 toning sessions,
4. USB charging cable,
5. Instructions,
6. Quick start guide.

How to use your Slendertone Abs8 belt

A 30 minute session is equivalent to 180 abdominal exercises for each muscle group (internal and external obliques, transverse abdominal and rectus abdominal)
20 to 30 minute sessions 5 times a week for 4 weeks.

What programmes does the Slendertone Abs8 come with?

The Slendertone Abs8 comes with 10 programmes.
Programmes 1 to 7 are described as passive programmes. They can be used for passive activities such as reading, cooking, doing household chores, gardening, etc.
Programmes 8 to 10 are described as active programmes and are designed to be done alongside exercises that stimulate your muscles.

Which of the Slendertone Abs8 programmes should you choose?

The Abs8 offers a choice of 10 programmes. We recommend starting with programme 1 and gradually working your way through the programmes depending on your needs. Each programme is different in terms of stimulation, toning power and the number of contractions.
You can select the programme of your choice at any time, but remember that you can't change a programme during a session. You will need to turn your belt off and on again.

Technical data

Belt size: The Slendertone Abs8 belt is designed for waists measuring between 61 and 107 cm (belt extenders are available).
Composition:85% nylon, 15% spandex,
Power: intensity levels from 0 to 100; 70 mA, 50 Hz,
Weight: 241 g,
OLED technology. Charges via the USB cable,
Manual in 9 languages,
Supplied with a set of electrodes.

How many sessions does the Slendertone Abs8 battery last for?

If the battery is fully charged, it will last for at least three sessions at full power (the highest level of intensity). You will then need to charge it for 3 hours.

How long does the Slendertone Abs8 battery last for?

We recommend fully recharging the battery before use. This will take up to three hours; it should then last for at least three sessions at full power. When the battery is low, the battery icon will display a bar.

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Composition / advice

Our commitments

Guarantee : 2 Years

Product benefits

Coaching 10 progressive programmes including 3 that can be used during sports activities.
Ease of use Unisex, thin and discreet, more ergonomic and with better compression.
Easy maintenance Wash by hand (remove the central unit beforehand)

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