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Isotonic Drinks

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Enhance your performance with the next big thing in sports drinks. Isotonic drinks will help you peform at high intensity for up to an hour, keeping you hydrated and aiding recovery. Whatever your fitness level or favourite workout, an isotonic drink will be a great asset. Now, lemon, strawberry, cherry, orange or peach iced tea?

The high intensity Isotonic drink is a new generation of sport drink that helps you enhance your performance for activities up to 60 minutes in duration and high intensity in nature.

How does it help you? The isotonic drink helps you by maintaining the hydration levels during exercise. Isotonic sports drinks are also excellent in accelerating recovery after demanding exercise by providing an effective medium in which to replenish carbohydrate stores and restore fluid balance.

Who are they for?The isotonic drinks are good for beginner to pro athletes. The high intensity isotonic drink is perfect for exercising for 30 - 60 minutes at high intensity level. If you need a medium intensity isotonic drink, please see them here.