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Boxing Gloves

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These boxing gloves certainly pack a punch. We cater to men, women and kids, beginners, intermediates and almost-Alis. Keeping your hands and fingers protected whether your training, practicing on a punch bag or properly sparring, is the main aim here, but shapes that promote swift, energised movements and moisture-wicking materials rank pretty highly too. Don't forget to wrap your hand properly before putting your gloves on.

Before you step into the ring, make sure you've gloved up. Boxing gloves are essential for cushioning the impact of a punch to your hand and your opponent's body, and they stop fingers / nails or anything lose causing more damage. A good pair of boxing gloves is basically essential to keeping everyone in the ring safe.

Boxing gloves aren't just about protection though - in training, some boxers choose to have weighted boxing gloves to give themselves more of a challenge, burn extra calories and increase muscle mass. The first time you try a pair of these heavier gloves, you'll be shocked at how much of a difference it makes to moves you can usually make without much effort.

A good pair of boxing gloves will be covered in a durable material that will stand the test of repeated use over time, and filled with padding that doesn't shift about. Make sure you wear wraps underneath and always have someone else check your gloves are properly secure, so they don't fly off mid-match.