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Kayak Wetsuits

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Look the part and stay warm too with a kayak wetsuit. Opt for a full-length all-in-one or shorty style if you plan on paddling for a while or diving in (you'll love the freedom of movement it offers in the water) and choose neoprene shorts teamed with a tee if you're a beginner intent on keeping dry.
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Not just reserved for exploing warm waters and hidden islands on holiday, kayaking is a relatively easy and leisurley activity (if you want it to be!) for all ages and fitness levels. Of course, if you choose to take up kayaking properly, you'll find yourself paddling in less-than-ideal conditions - but don't let that put you off! With the right gear, you'll barely notice the wind and rain and can get back to enjoying the ride. Shop our range of kayaking wetsuits and boots, designed to bring thermal comfort and keep your entire body dry.

Add a fleece, waterproof trousers and jacket to the mix and you're ready for anything a day of kayaking or canoeing throws at you. Our kayak and canoe clothes are waterproof and windproof to prevent you feeling chilled by salty sea spray, and protect you against the weather on cool, wet days. They are also the ideal solution for staying warm as the evening rolls in, even if you are boating in milder climates. With a range of colours and styles available, you're sure to find perfect clothing at Decathlon.