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Horse Riding Body Protectors

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Body protectors have been designed to protect riders if they fall off their horse. The shape protects the rider's back and vital organs when they fall onto an obstacle as well as if they get trampled by the horse's hooves. Along with a helmet, the body protector is an essential piece of safety kit.

Although wearing one isn't compulsory in riding schools, at the start of each season more and more young riders, and even older riders getting back into show jumping training, turn up wearing them. However, a body protector is compulsory in certain competitions such as cross‐country and the carriage driving marathon. The required level of protection varies according to the event being done.

There is a difference between body protectors and back protectors. Body protectors protect the upper body from impacts and trampling. Different designs offer different degrees of movement, for example, by using articulated foam blocks.

There are also horse riding back protectors, which are better ventilated and more comfy but only protect the rider's back.