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Halters and Lead Ropes

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Lead ropes are part of a rider's basic kit. With all sorts of lengths and materials on offer, choosing the right lead rope is vital. Decathlon is here to guide you through choosing one.

How long should your lead rope be?To make things safe and easy, go for a Decathlon lead rope of a decent length. This will let you walk in front of your horse without getting under its feet. At the same time, you will give it enough freedom to move around as you get it tied up. A 2‐ to 3‐metre lead rope should be plenty. For a lunge line, you will need at least 8 metres. This will allow your horse to move in a circle of at least 15 m across.

When choosing your rope, it's natural to gravitate towards comfier‐feeling materials. You should completely avoid materials that stretch or that burn you by rubbing your hand. Decathlon recommends going for nylon lines or American lead ropes. There should be a snap hook on the end of your rope to make it easy to attach and unhook. Go for a "panic snap" if your horse tends to pull away.

The size of your halter will depend on what type of horse you have. There are two types of halter: halters for tethering and halters for ground training. Whichever type of halter you need, Decathlon recommends choosing something soft and sturdy in order to make sure your horse is comfy. You can get good‐quality sets that include both lead ropes and halters. And don't hesitate to buy yourself a fly swatter so that your horse is completely protected.