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Down & Padded Jackets

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Warm Jackets for Cold Weather

An insulated jacket is the ultimate winter coat for any adventurer. Puffer jackets are padded out with plenty of insulation, but they’re also designed to still move around and be active for the wearer, and that for us puts them in front of traditional longer winter coats.

What is down insulation?

Down jackets are packed full of down insulation. Down is the fluffy plumage underneath the feathers of duck and geese. This is one of natures best insulators for its weight, which means that it’s an incredibly popular choice for hiking jackets. A down jacket is lightweight but will feel like you’re wrapped up in your quilt.

Are down jackets waterproof?

Synthetic insulated jackets handle the moisture in the air far better than down jackets do. Most down jackets are not waterproof unless they state otherwise. Down clumps together when wet and that can mean that the insulation simply stops insulating. Down jackets are best to be worn under a lightweight or packable waterproof jacket during wet weather.