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Horse Riding Helmets and Hats

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A horse riding helmet is vital for keeping you safe. In any high‐risk sport it's important to wear protective equipment, and horse riding is no exception! Your head is the most likely part of your body, along with your arms, to suffer damage if you are unlucky enough to have a fall. Making sure you are properly protected is therefore a priority for Decathlon.

You have two types of helmet to choose from: one‐size helmets, and ones that have a wheel to adjust them. Decathlon recommends trying on different models before making a final decision. Once you are wearing it, your riding helmet should fit snugly, should cover the top of your forehead, and its strap should be exactly the right length.

The type of helmet you choose will depend on your experience as a rider and on your discipline. For show jumping, competitions or short rides, a one‐size helmet is best because they are comfortable, fit well and look the part. Adjustable horse riding helmets are much better for children and when going on long rides because they are lightweight, adaptable, and come with a ventilation system.

Your horse riding helmet may well look fine after a fall, but it has probably lost its protective powers. The helmet's role is to crumple upon impact in order to absorb energy. When you fall, even if there is no visible damage, its protective performance may be affected. Decathlon recommends taking care of your protective equipment and changing it if you have any doubts. Transport your helmet in a padded bag, avoid any unnecessary impacts, and do not expose it to any heat sources. Clean it regularly by washing the inside at a low temperature or using specialist cleaning sprays.