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How should you choose the right saddle half pad for your type of riding?

The saddle half pad you choose will depend on the activity you do and your horse. It should be appropriate for the rest of your riding equipment, and there are plenty of factors you need to take into account when buying it. Decathlon recommends basing your choice on the cut of the saddle half pad, its material and its thickness.

Which cut is best for your Decathlon saddle half pad?

Your saddle half pad's cut is a particularly important factor. The aim of a saddle half pad is to protect your saddle from your horse's sweat, so make sure you know the size of your saddle before buying a half pad. Decathlon recommends going for a straight cut for horses with no withers, or a cut that stays away from the withers for horses with withers. A model with a loop will help keep your cloth in place while you are riding. Depending on what you prefer, you can opt for a saddle‐shaped cloth or a classic saddle pad.

Which material is best for your saddle cloth?

The material you choose will depend on the amount maintenance it requires as well as how comfy it is for your horse. The best option is a hypoallergenic cotton saddle cloth, which will be easy to care for, or even sheepskin for the comfort it offers. If you are doing an intensive discipline or if your horse sweats heavily, opt for a honeycombed saddle half pad to provide better ventilation and drying.

Your Decathlon saddle half pad's thickness?

In horse riding, a thick ,strong>saddle half pad is more comfortable for both horse and rider. However, you should make sure the saddle isn't too tight. If it is, a very thick cloth would risk creating pressure points.


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