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Horse Rugs and Sheets

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Horses are sensitive to draughts and damp. It's therefore essential to cover them up properly as soon as it becomes necessary. When the temperature starts to drop, make sure you have a rug that you've chosen based on the following criteria: whether your horse in the stable or turned out, and whether or not it's clipped. This is very important in the world of horse riding.

There are different kinds of horse rug available. At Decathlon you can get horse sheets, rugs and exercise rugs. A sheet is composed of a single layer of fabric, whereas a rug is lined and quilted. Sheets can protect your horse from insects and rain, as well as wicking away perspiration to keep its skin dry. A rug should be both waterproof and ventilated so that your horse is protected from bad weather and the cold when turned out. Exercise rugs are different to the other two models because they can be used when the horse is working. The best ones offer better perspiration wicking and keep your horse at a stable temperature.

If you decide to cover your horse, pay attention to the temperature differences throughout the day. Wrapping up your horse too warmly could make it uncomfortable because horses cope better with cold weather than hot. There are different ways of working out whether or not a horse is cold: as you stroke your horse, you will know if it is too hot because its hair will be clammy; if its hair is cold, it needs a cover. You can also test by touching the base of its ear. Because covers come into direct contact with your horse's skin, you should take good care of them in order to keep your horse healthy. When it comes to kitting out your horse, don't be stingy about looking after it.