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GPS for outdoor activities

GPS devices incorporate many mapping tools that can help you plan your outdoor sport activity. You can define the routes, locations and memorize landmarks. Present in many performance devices, it offers many other services, such as distance information or weather forecasts. This is perfect for planning everything in advance of your outdoor sport day.

The Hiking GPS

There are many GPS models designed specifically for hiking. For a casual hiker, a GPS compass may be sufficient. Simple to use, it is designed to indicate the direction to follow and the distance remaining. For more regular hikers, Decathlon recommends using a GPS, made specifically for hiking. The Hiking GPS devices combine several interesting features like the ability to locate yourself on the screen and follow your progression. There is no need to try and memorize your trips because the hiking GPS does that for you. So you can keep accurate data on your routes. The most sophisticated models that provide weather information also have megapixel sensors. They also help to synchronize data with a PC or smartphone.

THE Cycling GPS

In addition to navigation, the GPS, designed for intensive sports, feature specifically designed mechanisms to measure performance while cycling. Garmin GPS, for example, can monitor your heart rate, too. They are also equipped with sensors and features to measure speed and power. Better yet, these cycling GPS transfer data in real time on a platform via a mobile device. The platform is used to store and analyze information gathered by the GPS. You can also share your data with your friends.


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