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Electric Bikes

An electric doesn't do all the work for you but it does amplify the effort you put in, so really it's the best of all worlds: you get to burn some calories and you get to your final destination a bit quicker or up the hill with a little less puffing. What's not to like? And they don't have to be expensive. If you're new to e-bikes, check out our blog post on them first.

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Electric Bikes

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Electric bikes: the advantages of a bike, with less effort. How can you make it feel like you're always pedalling with the wind behind you? By choosing an electric bike! Equipped with a battery (24 to 36 volts) and a motor (250 watts), electrical-assistance bikes (EAPCs) let you reach speeds of up to 25 km/h with no effort. They're simple to charge: the battery is easy to slide out and charge at home, away from your bike, and slots back into place no problem.

As for the issue of battery life, it all depends on the user's weight, how it is being used, the gradient, and the outside temperature, etc. Depending on the range, you could travel between 40 and 70 km.
Lastly, if you feel like changing your mind, you can switch off the electrical assistance and rely on just your legs.

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