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An electric bike or pedelec doesn't do all the work for you, it simply amplifies the effort you put in, so really it's the best of all worlds: you burn some calories and you get to your final destination a bit quicker with a little less puffing or up-hill effort. They don't have to be expensive either. What's not to love?

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From e-MTB TO e-hybrid, there’s an e-bike for everyone

Do you want to be more environmentally conscious? A folding e-bike, e-bike for commuting or maybe even an e-mountainbike (e-MTB) is a great alternative to a car. Once you decide on your pedelec or e-bike, you won't want to miss the feeling of the supporting motor. From that moment, you'll easily master every ascent and headwind. Our e-bikes can support you up to 15mph.

With their powerful batteries, e-bikes give you unlimited mobility while protecting your joints at the same time. E-bikes have a motor that can be switched on and off whenever you want, so you can choose how much power you want to use or save, whether on a lazy Sunday ride or on a small errand into the city. The best thing? You'll always arrive at your destination fresh, relaxed and with minimal effort. Whatever your reason for wanting an e-bike, there are many different models of e-bike, including e-bikes for mountain bikers, hybrid for your city commuters and foldable e-bikes too.

An electric bicycle or e-bike opens up new horizons, you can reach your destination faster and more comfortably, bringing new possibilities for cycling in everyday life, as well as the health benefits which can't be ignored. E-bikes, also called a pedelec, have supporting electric drives, a motor that simply switches itself on and off, so you won't notice a thing whilst riding. Our bikes can support you to 300% of your pedaling performance up over 15 mph.

The continuing popularity of e-bikes brings us a lot of opportunities to develop the offer for our customers even further. We're looking to expand our affordable e-bike range for different needs like e-bikes for mountain bikers, e-bikes for the city and hybrid e-bikes, to help make cycling accessible to everyone. In the meantime...

Here are our 10 top tips for riding an e-bike :

Maintenance, practical advice, charging, safety and handling... here are 10 valuable tips for riding your electric bike so you can get the most out of it and keep it working for as long as possible.

  1. Reduce acceleration

  2. The electric motor starts when you start to pedal harder and supplements your input energy. When starting up or accelerating, press lightly on the pedal to avoid any surprises! Drive carefully, especially in traffic jams or pedestrian zones.

  3. When you're on the flat, ride without the motor

  4. The fact that your bike has an electric motor does not mean that you always have to use it. Ride on flat roads without a motor, just like on a conventional bike. You will hardly notice the difference! If your route takes you uphill, just switch on the engine support and you'll overcome any obstacle without a problem.

  5. Check the tyre pressure of your e-bike regularly

  6. Tyre pressure decreases over time, especially in summer. This is quite normal as bicycle tubes are slightly porous. Remember to check your tyre pressure from time to time. If the pressure is too low, the battery life will be shortened, pedaling resistance will be increased and the risk of a flat tyre will increase.

  7. Estimate your battery life

  8. Before you set off with your electric bike, you should estimate the battery life and make sure that it is sufficient. Calculating the battery life can be difficult. Sites such as E-Bike Maps can help by calculating your expected energy consumption based on distance.

    The following factors can influence the running time of your e-bike / battery:

    • The distance you want to cover
    • Any difference in altitude
    • The weight of the rider
    • The speed you're riding
    • Tyre pressure
    • Wind speed
    • How much you brake during the journey
      (i.e if you're riding in the city or countryside)

  9. Always remove the rechargeable battery during cleaning or maintenance

  10. When carrying out any work (cleaning, electrical or mechanical maintenance) on your pedelec, be sure to remove the battery and disconnect the power supply.

  11. Recharge after each use and calibration

  12. Decathlon recommends recharging the battery after each use. If the battery is empty, recharge it immediately. If the cells remain empty for too long, this can lead to irreparable damage to the battery.

    We also recommend that the battery be fully charged and discharged once every 6 months. This will allow you to calibrate your battery, get a more accurate picture of the state of charge of your battery and at the same time extend its life.

  13. Recommendation for long periods of storage

  14. If you store your electric bike for a longer period of time, you have two options to avoid a drop in battery performance:

    • Remove the battery from the bicycle before storage
    • Charge the battery every three months

  15. Regular technical checks

  16. The staff at your Decathlon Workshop or your local store will be happy to check your electric bike regularly. Have all safety-relevant components and the electrical system fully inspected.

  17. Practice in a safe place before venturing on the road

  18. We recommend that you first try out your electric bike on open terrain without traffic or pedestrians to get used to it. Get to know your e-bike and practice switching on the electric drive so that you have your bike under control at all times.

    Keep in mind that if the motor assistance is switched on during pedaling, it will generally be interrupted if one of the brake levers is used or the speed exceeds 15mph. The motor assistance will also be interrupted if the speed exceeds this speed too.

  19. Helmets and safety equipment are a must-have

  20. Electric bicycles are considered bicycles, not mopeds. You are therefore not obliged to wear a motorcycle helmet. However, we strongly recommend that you wear a bicycle helmet on all rides! In addition, you should have effective lighting and a safety vest. So you are always safe on the road!

Now you can get on your e-bike without any worries. So, have a good ride!

For any further information, don't hesitate to go to your nearest Decathlon store or workshop. We'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.