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Observe wildlife and enjoy far-away panoramic views with our binoculars. Heading off-road or up a mountain? Our hiking and hunting designs have been tested in the most arduous of outdoor settings, so knocks and drops won’t be the end of your adventure. We stock binoculars for kids too!
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Pick out a pair of binoculars from Decathlon for a day of spotting birds and other wildlife, in the countryside or on holiday (just think of the different species you'll encounter overseas!). All binoculars have two numbers with a cross between them, like 9x63 for example. In this case the 9 indicates the level of magnification (x9) and the 63 represents the width of the largest lens in millimetres.

The larger the lens, the heavier the binoculars but the better view you will have when using them. Bigger lenses also collect more light, making it easier to see on dark days. With regards to magnification, x7 or x8 is ideal for everyday use but you may need different levels of magnification for different sports. You should also be aware that higher levels of magnification may also narrow your field of vision, making it harder to follow anything moving.