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Scooters for Adults

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Scooters aren't just for the kids! We stock a great range of adult scooters that will ensure you can keep up with the rest of your family on weekend trips around the park. Looking for an alternative to public transport or a bike on your commute? Our town bikes work well on pavements and roads, have great suspension and can handle to shock of bumpy surfaces and long journeys.

Urban scooters for adults: getting around the city

The time when scooters were only used by children is long gone. Scooters are a fast and practical means of transport and for adults too; a scooter in the city can be a good way to get where you need to go quickly without the hassle of waiting in traffic or taking public transport.

There are obvious advantages over a bike too. You can move around comfortably on the pavement without taking up too much space, and it’s much faster than on foot.

From shopping and commuting to fun rides with the kids or practicing tricks, our in-house brand Oxelo have designed all of our scooters specifically to serve individual needs.

So what’s the difference between our models?

Firstly, what is a pedal scooter?

Pedal scooters vary according to handlebar width, footprint and rider's weight. They have a small mudguard on the rear wheel to protect the rider when riding, to avoid splashes of dirt on clothing on dirty or wet surfaces. A rear brake also ensures that you can quickly bring the scooter to a standstill.

Our scooters also come standard with a height-adjustable handlebar so the scooter can be adjusted to suit the rider's size.

Our scooter brand Oxelo has versatile city rollers in a few different styles - all you have to do is choose your favourite model.

A quick guide to our scooters for adults

1) For extended city riding, we recommend our Oxelo Scooter Town 5 XL. Frame and tread surface are made of high-quality aluminium, which makes the scooter very robust and long lasting.

The 200mm rollers give the scooter excellent glide, large wheels and the height-adjustable handlebars ensure comfort. We’ve got a few models with suspension and an anti-vibration system that makes driving much easier. Our mudguards protects against any city debris and dirt and makes the scooter a flexible means of transport even in wet conditions.

2) The Oxelo Town 7 Easyfold is of even higher quality, featuring the patented Easyfold folding mechanism and a padlock device for theft protection.

3) Our Oxelo Town 9 Easyfold is well worthwhile to reach a little deeper into your pocket. In addition to the Easyfold concept, this scooter also has the special feature that it has two brakes, just like a bicycle: a foot brake on the rear wheel and a handbrake on the handlebar.

The Town 7 and 9 also have a scooter bag that can be used like a carrying bag or a trolly, meaning the scooter can also be easily transported on public transport.