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Inflatable Tents

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Our range of Quechua inflatable tents are ideal tents for those who want to go camping, but have always hated the idea of pitching tents. Inflatable tents replace fibreglass poles or steel poles with air-filled beams while still offering a sturdy home away from home. They’ve become incredibly popular due to how quick and easy they are to pitch, which means that when you arrive at your campsite, your camping holiday you spend less time pitching your tent and more time enjoying your holiday.

How do inflatable tents work?

Inflatable tents couldn’t be simpler. The standard fibreglass or steel poles of old have been replaced by an inflatable beam. Simply peg out your blow-up tent and inflatable using an air bed pump to the recommended air pressure, the tent will start to stand up on its own, that’s it! To pack them away, you simply need to reverse the process and ensure you’ve squeezed out all of the air before your roll the tent up and put it away.

The benefits of an air tent

So why would you choose an air tent over a standard tent?

  • Quick to pitch - so many people are often put off by the idea of pitching a tent that they miss out on camping. Inflatable tents are so quick and easy to pitch, they’ve opened up the world of camping for plenty of UK families.
  • Poles won’t snap - if you’ve ever snapped a tent pole, or had one break during poor weather you know how frustrating an onsite repair can be. Air beams aren’t as brittle as fibreglass poles and won’t suffer from accidental snapping when pitching.
  • Repair like you would a bike tyre - if you do get a puncture in your air beam, a fix is as simple as repairing a bike puncture. Locate the puncture and patch it up.

Are inflatable tents sturdy?

A common misconception with blow up tents is that because the hard poles have been replaced with air, that there is no way these tents could be as sturdy as a normal tent. Our development teams test all of our tent models rigorously on the field - we've proven they incredibly strong when fully inflated the beams become rigid - you will hardly be able to tell the difference between an air tent and a standard pole tent once pitched. Not only are they sturdy, but air tents will also stand up to those changeable UK summers, arguably handling wind better than a fibreglass pole tent, because there is no risk of the pole snapping in high winds, making them an ideal family tent for those staycation holidays.