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Choose the right mountain bike tyres for better performance. The mountain bike tyres you choose will depend on how you use your bike and the kind of tracks you take it down. For leisure mountain biking, opt for tires with fewer knobs and which are relatively thin because they will work just as well on harder tracks as on dirt trails.
For more intensive use, prioritise wider models to ensure good grip on all surfaces. If you're more of a freerider, enduro rider or downhill mountain biker cycling on very uneven ground, you should use even wider tyres with deep knobs in order to avoid skidding on corners.



What are the top characteristics for road bike tyres?
Grippy, durable, light… It's not always easy choosing a road bike tyre because your choice will affect your performance. Tyre width is now available in 23mm, 25mm, 28mm for the road and 32mm or 34mm for gravel and cyclo x. If you want maximum speed, choose the fastest rolling tyres you can: they will gain you precious seconds. If you seek reliability and mileage, seek out more puncture protection, comfort and grip to give you more control. For this kind of bike tyre, the correct pressure for the width of tyre and you weight is particularly important to keep puntures at bay and to reduce wear. Remember to check the quality of the inner tube when you swap your tyres. If the perfect tyre doesn't exist, you really need to look for the best balance between lightness, puncture resistance, tyre design… And the season! In winter.



How to choose your city bike tyres. Choosing the right bike tyres is vital if you want to be as comfortable and safe as possible, whether you ride in the city or in the countryside. If you cycle in town, go for slick tyres that look almost completely smooth. Unlike what you may think, the fact that they are smooth makes these tyres really grippy on tarmac and other hard surfaces (slick tyres offer more contact and therefore more grip on tarmac). They need to be well inflated in order to extend their lifespan and achieve optimal speeds.



Kids' bike tyres need to be sturdy! Tyres for kids' bikes generally need to be versatile and designed for going on trails, through the woods, over small rocks… While guaranteeing that they won't just get punctured. It's really important so that kids can have fun without worrying about punctures!



Michelin, B'Twin, Vittoria, Hutchinson, Continental, Schwalbe, Kenda.

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