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Tents are your ticket to a breakaway whenever you need. There’s nothing quite like grabbing your tent and heading off to a campsite with family or friends for some needed relaxation. Our in-house experts at Quechua have created a range of tents for any style of camping. Whether you’re looking for family tents, a lightweight backpacking tent, a festival tent to rest your head after your favourite band or an inflatable tent for a spot of luxury in.

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If you’re new to camping and you’re not sure what type of tent you should choose or what to take into consideration when picking your new tent, then below we’ll go through some tips:

What size tent do I need?

Tent size is measured ‘berth’ (often referred to as man or person) which refers to how many people it can sleep side by side in its bedroom compartment. So a 6 man tent would sleep 6 people side by side. What this sizing doesn’t take into account is your camping equipment, your storage or your luggage.

For comfort while camping we would always recommend choosing at least one size up on the number of people camping. Family of four? You’ll have a comfortable break in a 6 man tent. A couple of friends at a festival? It’ll be less cramped if you choose a 3 or 4 berth tent and so on.

What type of tent do I need?

Different styles of camping will often call for different styles of tents. If you’re heading out into the hills with your backpack for a night under the stars, then you wouldn’t want a heavy, cumbersome tent, whereas if you’re opting for camping as a summer holiday, you’ll want a little more space to relax, even if you’re going alone. Some of the tents you’ll find at Decathlon include:

Pop Up Pitching

Pop up style tents are ideal for festivals or short breaks away on a campsite. They’re especially suited to those camping alone who perhaps don’t like the idea of pitching a standard tent. All you need to do is open your tent, it’ll pop up in seconds and peg it down, and you’re ready to camp.

Inflatable Beams

Inflatable tents are another great option for those who aren’t confident in pitching a standard tent. On these tents, the traditional poles have been replaced by beams that you inflate to make the tent stand up. Don’t be fooled into thinking that makes them weak either, when fully inflated these tents are rigid and the biggest benefit is that there is no danger of a pole snapping in strong winds. These tents are quick to pitch with the help of an electric pump or foot pump.

Blackout Bedrooms

One of the more recent innovations in camping is darkened bedrooms. Depending on the brand this can be referred to as blackout, eclipse etc. Here at Decathlon, the technology we use is called ‘Fresh&Black’. This technology means that your bedrooms are darker to help you (and especially little kids) find it easier to sleep beyond sunrise, while also helping to keep the tent cooler in the heat.


For camping traditionalists, the idea of camping is to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and head into the wilderness. This is often known as ‘wild camping’ and sees the camper packing all they need for their trip into their rucksack. This means that the equipment required needs to be lightweight and compact. Backpacking style tents are often low profile tents designed for tackling strong winds and usually have space for 1 or 2 people.

Before you go camping

Before your first trip in a new camping tent, always practice pitching at home or in a local park/field. Doing this is not only a good way to practice pitching and putting it away, but it also allows you to check for any issues or missing pieces before you head away on your break.

If you need further help choosing your tent, head to our tent buying guide or come along and ask one of our experts in-store.