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A mountain bike that suits your needs, leisure mountain bikes are versatile and ideal for gentle rides on relatively even ground.
From a technical point of view, recreational mountain bikes offer the choice between a rigid fork - the best option for flat ground and roads - and a suspension fork - perfect for rough ground, off-road biking and cobbles. Frame-wise, you can go for a rigid frame (sufficient for most trails). Alternatively, a suspension frame will be more comfortable and easier to handle on downhills and uneven tracks. Let's get cycling!



Why choose a sport mountain bike? A sport mountain bike is ergonomically more sporty than a leisure bike in order to achieve better performance. By being lighter, each push of the pedals takes you further. And with lighter and more accurate equipment (disc brakes, drivetrain, suspension, etc.), you are better equipped for longer, more intensive regular off-road rides than you would be with a recreational bike.
Bumps, climbs, descents... It's easy to develop a taste for mountain biking.



Cross country: much more than just mountain biking, it's all about performance! In cross country, you have to put in a lot of effort over rolling and steep ground. The frame's geometry, the suspension and the components make XC mountain bikes light, responsive and precise. With the anti-bobbing system that stops so much pedalling power being lost through the suspension, everything is optimised to beat the clock on rides, races, and even marathons (XC rides longer than 80 km).



What is an All Mountain bike for? The mountain is a playground, from steep trails to demanding singletracks. The aim of an All Mountain bikes is to climb and descend anywhere, tiring yourself out on the uphills and enjoying an adrenaline rush on the downhills. Those mountain bikes have a very special geometry: they are fully suspended (front and rear), and equipped with easy-to-use yet sophisticated adjustment systems and anti-bobbing solutions (the phenomenon where pedalling power is lost) that guarantee rigidity as you pedal and a smooth ride whatever surface you are riding on.

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