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Ski gloves and mittens to keep your hands warm

When going on ski holidays, it's important to invest in the right equipment. To avoid having cold hands, as well as to protect them, it's absolutely vital to wear a pair of ski mittens or ski gloves. Gloves and/or mittens are a must on the slopes to keep your hands nice and warm. Can't decide between mittens or gloves? We'll help you better understand the differences so you can make the right choice!


Mittens for deep cold days

In very cold weather, there's nothing better than wearing ski mittens to minimise heat loss. They are ideal for children, whose small fingers are often spread too far apart when wearing ski gloves. Mittens are also much easier for them to put on! You will find a selection of ski mittens for children and babies at Decathlon.


Gloves provide better dexterity

Some people prefer ski gloves, which allow you to grasp objects more easily. In this case, it is best to use Gore-Tex® material, which is waterproof and durable. We make sure that the glove provides an effective barrier at the wrist against the cold. Freestyle riders will want to choose snowboarding gloves that are reinforced around the fingers allowing them to "grab" their board while doing tricks.


Breathable coating

Coating consists of covering a surface with a paste or liquid. When applied to fabric, the coating creates a protective film that is often used as a waterproofing barrier while also letting water vapour pass through.



All of our Wed'ze gloves are windproof. Did you know that the wind increases your sensation of cold? That means that an outdoor temperature of 0° with 20 km/h winds will feel like -10°. So-called "windproof" materials reduce this chilling effect by preventing the circulation of air resulting from the wind or relative speed of the wearer.


Glove loss protection

An elastic strap keeps you from losing your ski gloves when you take them off while sitting on the ski lift.



Consider wearing ski liner gloves. They will provide you with additional warmth while maintaining the dexterity associated with ski gloves. There are also touchscreen liner gloves that keep your hands warm while you answer the phone or take a photo with your smartphone.



At Decathlon, you can enjoy an efficient delivery service as well as secure online payment and quality after-sales service.