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Horse riding isn't just about the time you spend on your horse. There's ground training to think about, as well as looking after your horse the rest of the time, event when it's resting. Your stable equipment is there to make sure you've always got the right tool for the job. The range of stable equipment available is vast and varied. Decathlon is here to guide you through choosing all the stable equipment you need to look after your horse. Before doing any kind of training, horses need to be cared for and monitored. For example, you will need hay bags or nets to give your horse a healthy diet, as well as an automatic drinker in its box. With Decathlon's stable equipment, you will quickly and easily find all of the accessories you need on a daily basis.

Although Decathlon is full of tips on your horse's well‐being such as, for example, which insect repellent to use, you also need to take care of your animal's surroundings with the right stable equipment. You will need the right accessories, such as a shovel and rake, in order to clean and maintain your stable. It is only by regularly looking after the stable that you will then be able to focus on your horse's care, in particular by discovering the range of grooming options and the horse care equipment that best meets your needs.