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Horse Feed and Treats

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Nutritional needs vary from one horse to another. Your choice of horse nutrition governs how healthy your hose is and depends on the exercise it does and its living conditions. Decathlon can offer you advice on choosing the right feed for your horse so that it stays in top shape.

A horse's digestive system means that in the wild it can graze for more than 15 hours per day. You therefore need to choose the right food that respects its natural feeding behaviour. Horses can graze on grass, eat hay, or even feed on concentrated man‐made foods. Decathlon offers a whole range of the latter, from treats to packaged food and supplements. These products will help you feed your horse a healthy and controlled diet.

As you're no doubt aware, every horse is different and has its own nutritional needs. A race horse will need a very different diet to a workhorse. In fact, even two horses doing the same physical activity will need different feed. Nutritional needs vary according to age, breed, sex, and activity level. Just like your horse's equipment, its food needs to be perfectly adapted to ensure its well‐being.

Supplements help balance out your horse's diet. Decathlon will quickly introduce a few supplements used to keep your horse fighting fit. Salt helps to maintain normal hydration levels. Flax improves your horse's intestinal transit. As for garlic, it improves blood flow.