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Horse grooming has many benefits beyond making your trusty steed look the part for training and trials; taking care of your horse's coat, ears, teeth and tail is also an important way for you to build trust and bond, making riding together safer and more enjoyable. Plus, it's a sure-fire way to improve his/her health in the long term. A regular brush, buff and mane detangle will mean you're familiar with your horses body and will make spotting issues much easier. For example, regular grooming decreases the chances of thrush and skin problems developing, and cleaning your horse will reduce chafing between built up dirt and horse tack.

Of course, when it comes to horse shows, looks do count. Horse grooming can account for almost half the score in equestrian exhibitions, so it’s essential for showmen and women that their competition partner shines (quite literally!). At Decathlon, we stock everything you could possibly need to maintain your prize winner's appearance, from brushes and combs to hoof picks and clipping products. To keep all your tools and products neat and tidy, and help get them from A to B without the car, check out our horse grooming boxes and bags.