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Why should you wear horse riding gloves?

Horse riding gloves are specially designed to keep riders as comfy as possible. Wearing them will protect your hands from rubbing and stop your reins from slipping and getting too long. The inside of horse riding gloves is designed to help you grip the reins properly. The materials used are non‐slip. Riding gloves are also reinforced where the reins will rub against them in order to increase their lifespan.

It's important to choose the right gloves for the season

If you want to be more comfortable, opt for a pair of gloves that is suitable for the outside temperature. In winter, warm horse riding gloves will stop your fingers from going numb. At Decathlon you will find a huge choice of gloves for kitting out both child and adult riders at an affordable price and in all sorts of materials and colours.

Should you go for leather riding gloves?

Leather is a typical horse riding material and helps you look at home on your horse. The main advantage of leather is that it is non‐slip. However, it is relatively fragile and needs regular maintenance. It's therefore not a great idea for children, who instead could simply use cotton or synthetic gloves. These will feel softer and adapt more easily to the shape of their hands.


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