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Waterproof Spray for Coats

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If you’ve invested in a new outdoor jacket, it’s important that you take good care of it. To help prolong the life of your jacket, you should use specialist wash & reproofing sprays to help ensure that it maintains the best performance possible. At Decathlon we have a range of waterproof spray for coats, as well as specialist wash fluid.
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Washing Your Jacket

We’re often asked: ‘Can you wash a waterproof jacket?’ and ‘Can you wash a down jacket? the answer is that, of course you can, but you should only really do it if you need to. For surface dirt you can simply wipe with a damp cloth to keep your jacket clean. If your jacket needs to be a washed, then a specialist was such as Nikwax Tech Wash is advised Avoid using standard detergents as these can strip away the waterproofing of your jacket and ruin it.

Reproofing Spray

So when you should reproof your waterproof jacket? It may sound silly, but when it stops becoming waterproof. You don’t need to reproof your jacket regularly, only when it needs it. When water stops beading off of your jacket and starts to soak into the material instead and look damp, that’s when it may be time to reproof your jacket or buy a new waterproof jacket. Jackets should be reproofed after washing so that they maintain their waterproof properties. At Decathlon we stock a range of waterproof spray for coats from the likes of Nikwax and our own brand solution from Forclaz.