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Down Sleeping Bags

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When battling with extreme conditions or adventuring outdoors when the temperature drops, you’re going to need a bit of extra protection - which is where Decathlon’s selection of down sleeping bags comes in. Designed to protect you and to keep you cosy even in the most extreme conditions, our offering of warm sleeping bags has something for everyone.

What is a down sleeping bag?

Down sleeping bags are different from standard sleeping bags as they’re stuffed with down insulation. If you own a down jacket, you’ll know that down insulation has fantastic warmth for its weight. Down is the fluffy, lofty substance found under duck and goose feathers and is known as one of natures best insulators. A down sleeping bag will feel like being wrapped up in your duvet at home.

How to store a down sleeping bag

When you’re taking your down sleeping bag with you, take it in the bag that it comes in as you would any sleeping bag. Down products take a little more care than standard products, and it’s important to let them ‘breathe’ in storage. So when not in use rather than keep your sleeping bag trapped inside its bag, it’s advised to keep them fresh and the insulation lofty by storing them loosely in a bigger stuff sack, or not storing them in a bag at all.

How to wash a down sleeping bag

To prevent down clumping and losing its insulation, down insulated products should be washed with care and not using standard detergents. Down sleeping bags can be washed by hand in your bath, or in your washing machine if it’s big enough. When drying your sleeping bag, ensure that you re-loft the down by shaking it or popping it in the dryer with some clean tennis balls.

Prolong the life of your down sleeping bag

If you own a down sleeping bag, consider purchasing a sleeping bag liner. This will help protect the inside of your sleeping bag while keeping it smelling fresh for longer. That means you should need to wash it less.