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Indoor hockey is a very different game to field hockey! There is no hitting, the ball cannot be lifted unless it is at goal, & there are side boards to stop the ball going out of play. The pace is intense as the ball is lighter and the pitch is smaller. You need a specific indoor stick & either indoor hockey shoes or similar. Gloves are important as your hands are often low to the ground so consider picking up both left and right hand gloves.
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An indoor hockey stick is a thinner profile than a field hockey stick. It is lighter weight and whereas elite players in field hockey tend to use high carbon sticks it is quite common for wood to be used at all levels of indoor hockey.

It is worth remembering that when playing indoor hockey you cannot hit the ball and can only lift it when shooting at goal. When receiving a pass if you lift the ball off the floor it is considered a foul.

Three materials are common in indoor hockey sticks. Wood as it is soft and forgiving. Fibreglass which is more durable than wood but a bit stiffer. Carbon as this is far stiffer, so more powerful.

The bow, or bend, for indoor sticks is also worth considering. Whereas many field hockey players prefer low bows and ultra low bows these can make it easier to foul when receiving the ball for the indoor format. Mid bows are great for most players, allowing you to control the ball easily while still able to lift the ball a bit when shooting. Low bows are good for drag flickers.

When choosing which indoor hockey stick is best consider these priorities.


This is a loaded question, as you can see above there are some guidelines to consider but we can go into more detail here.

You are a beginner: Try the FH100 model, this is wood with fibreglass reinforcement. It is flexible when receiving the ball, and the midbow allows you to execute the basics.

You are used to playing the indoor game: The FH150 is probably the stick for you. The 100% fibreglass is more durable and stiffer, but gives you that accommodating mid bow.

You are a seasoned player, perhaps even a dragflicker: The FH520 is the stick for you. With 20% carbon you have a lot more power in your push, with the ball flying off the stick as you play passes and shots. The low bow is ideal for drag flickers and anyone looking to turn quickly and lift the ball at goal.