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Our Mission

We’ve joined forces with Total Active Hub to get every employee moving that little bit more together. Focusing on long-term behavioural change, we're ensuring companies and workforces are energised through physical activity and ready for tomorrow.

Companies can sign up to the platform to get colleagues and departments onboard and tracking each other through fun sporting activities and events

With the Decathlon UK & Total Active Hub partnership, employers and employees have access to exclusive discounts on selected products with discount codes given by Total Active Hub when you sign up to the platform. Creating an inspired community to be more physically active together.

A global platform enabling your people to be more physically active, supporting their long term health.

Physical inactivity: a global public health problem

One in four adults (1.4 billion people worldwide) do not meet the WHO recommendations on physical activity to benefit from the reduced risk of common chronic diseases and to improve their health and wellbeing, according to the World Health Organisation data published in Lancet Global Health

How It Works For Employers

Creating an inspired community to be more physically active together! No spreadsheets, no manual tracking, just one simple solution which enables you and your team to focus your time on engaging with your colleagues.

Every client has an assigned Client Success manager who has the responsibility to optimise the platform for your users. We take the heavy lifting away from you to you can focus on creating the most active workforce in your industry.

Let the solution free your time to engage with your workforce

How It Works For Employees

Join your active community and flourish physically and mentally. Join your friends and colleagues as they move more to support their physical journey. Whether you are at the start of your journey or active daily the hub will provide events which support you.

Employees also have access to exclusive discounts on selected products with discount codes given by Total Active Hub as well as access to Decathlon's equipment rental services and live events on the rooftop of Decathlon's London campus.

Keep up to date with everyone’s progress through the user friendly dashboard!


"When Decathlon reached out, it was immediately apparent how a partnership could support our objective to create active communities. Our users take part in all sports and Decathlon have quality equipment to support them"

Active Hub

How Total Active Hub works

The App

The App, designed to get everyone moving

Active Trees

Turning physical activity into mother nature


Flexibly designed to get everyone moving

How To Order: Companies


Chris Whelan

Head Of Sales [email protected]

David Baker

Schools Leader [email protected]

Claudia Swain

Partnerships & Key Accounts [email protected]

Do I need a business account to purchase with a Total Active Hub discount?

No, if you're an employee or employer just wanting to purchase items with a TAH discount, you to not need a open a Decathlon For Business Account. However, if you're an employer/company wanting to purchasing one-off or regularly with business-only prices, you would first need to create a free Decathlon For Business Account.

What is a Business Account?

A Business Account (B2B account) is an account with Decathlon targeted towards Businesses. A Business account allows you to place orders with Decathlon with potential Discounts, Personalised Quotes, Bank Transfer payments, and more!

How can I request a quote?

If you wish to request a quote, please follow the link. Once you submit a quick quote using our tool, we will review it and get back to you within 12 hours! If you have a specific request, please contact us directly on 07485918541 or email us at [email protected].

What is the difference between a personal and Business account?

With a Business Account you have added benefits such as added payment methods (BACS), discounts, a personal account manager, quotes and more!

Do we offer a discount for business users?

We offer competitive pricing on bulk orders and each order is always taken into consideration for discount eligibility!

Do I get an invoice with my order?

Yes! Our team reviews your order and generates a VAT invoice with every purchase! This is sent to you automatically within 48 hours of your order being placed.