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SIMOND Climbing Rope 9.5 mm x 70 m - Cliff Green

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Versatile rope, particularly suited to climbers regularly working single-pitch routes. It's 9.5 mm diameter ensures a combination of low weight, smooth flow and good durability over time. Performance and comfortable belaying in your hands!

Product benefits

Lightweight Excellent compromise between lightness and durability
58 g/m
Ergonomic grip Perfect balance between good grip for belaying and a low weight.
Stretch Good shock absorption and durability over time.
Durability Longlife treatment, for a protected and more abrasion-resistant sheath.
Eco-design This rope is "dope dyed", reducing the amount of water used to dye it.

Technical Information


Special treatment that increases the rope's lifespan and prevents water and dirt seepage. Greater resistance to wear.


Special treatment helps to improve rope's smoothness.

Middle Mark

To improve your safety, this rope features a black mark which indicates the middle of the rope.


Number of falls: 6
Impact force: 9.3 KN


58 g/m
PLEASE NOTE: Weight measurements made according to the EN 892 standard.
For example, for a single rope, the rope must be exposed to 10 kg of tension for 1 minute in very precise temperature and moisture conditions.
This gives you the real weight of the rope, which is often superior to the weight given by the standard.
The weight measurement according to the standard is used to compare two ropes to each other.


To reduce the environmental impact, our designers have chosen to dye the strands of the sheath using a technology known as "dope dyeing" (the inner strands are not dyed).
This technology adds colour pigments as early as the manufacturing stage, before the strands are braided. This method stands out from traditional dyeing techniques by reducing the amount of water needed and the amount of waste water discharged from the dyeing baths.
Score: 36% decrease in sheath strand impact.


All of our ropes are designed and tested in Chamonix, in the Mont Blanc valley.
They are made in northern France by our manufacturing partner, Cousin, expert rope makers for 170 years.


It's important to properly care for your rope to reduce wear.
As dirt wears ropes down, we recommend:
1- using a rope cover;
2- If the rope is dirty, wash it with clean, lukewarm water.
Should stains persist and you want to wash it with soap, it is important to use a pH-neutral soap (such as Marseille/household soap) and then rinse thoroughly with clean water.
3- Air dry the rope out of the sun and away from all sources of heat.


Ropes should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from light, humidity, and corrosive agents. Never leave ropes inside a car during summer, for example.


It is important to check your rope regularly. To do so, run the rope through your hands and inspect it metre by metre along its entire length. This will allow you to spot any nicks, cuts, abrasion or weak points. If you notice any anomalies or irregularities, if the core is visible in certain places, if the rope is deformed or has exceeded its fall rating, it must be changed. Take safety seriously!


As they get older, all climbing ropes get shorter. Usually, they get 2 to 5% shorter, but this can reach up to 10% depending on humidity, heat, falls, washing, etc. To decrease this effect, we calculate an extra margin of length when manufacturing our ropes, but sometimes this isn't enough. This is why we recommend regularly measuring your rope and checking the rope’s middle mark.

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Composition / advice

Main fabric
100.00% Polyamide
Stock advice Use a rope bag, to reduce rope wear and coiling Do not store in the boot of the car in high temperatures Avoid all contact with chemical products Dry before storing (away from UV rays)
instructions To get more information about this product, please read instructions

Our commitments

Team SIMOND climbers, climbing instructors
Test Product Designed by our teams in the Chamonix valley (France), at the foot of the Mont Blanc, all our ropes are lab tested, certified to guarantee their mechanical features. Our technical partners test them in the field to validate product claims.
Guarantee : 2 Years

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9.5mm x 70m CLIFF Green
Maintenance and repair
Maintenance and repair
9.5mm x 70m CLIFF Green
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