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FOUGANZA 580 Strass Horse Riding Bridle For Horse - Black

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This stylish, technical bridle has been created by our team of horse riders for doing different kinds of everyday riding. With its sleek look and clever tethering details, the 580 bridle comes with the advantage of keeping your horse's neck, brow and face comfortable.

Technical Information


Whatever kind of riding you do, it's essential that your horse feels good. And it's the raison d'etre for our team of horse riding enthusiasts. The 580 bridle therefore takes account of your horse's comfort: with its ergonomic headpiece, protective pads and calfskin padding on the headpiece and noseband, it reduces pressure on your horse's neck and face.

Ease of use

The 580 bridle is designed to meet the needs of as many riders as possible and has a few tricks up its sleeve. Thanks to its roller buckles, it is very fast to adjust. The snap hook on the throatlash saves time while the cheekpieces come in different sizes for easier fitting/removal! Adjust your tack quickly so you can spend more time with your horse.


The 580 bridle has been designed to easily, naturally adapt to fit your horse's head, no matter the model or size chosen. The ergonomic headpiece hugs its neck and put less pressure on it. The D-shaped buckles let the noseband adapt to your horse's head and won't pull on the bridle's cheekpieces. And because every horse is different, the V-shaped brow band keeps them comfortable no matter their head shape.


The 580 bridle is available in several versions: it responds perfectly to riders' needs, whatever kind of riding they do. Are you more of a showjumper? Go for the topstitched or glossy model. Fans of dressage should definitely go for the rhinestone version, with its wide noseband. The 580's lines, design and materials are suitable for both training and competition! Comfort AND style!

Easy care:

The 580 bridle is made mainly from premium quality buffalo leather, which is very durable and easy to clean. To take care of your equipment, clean it regularly with glycerine soap and remember to rub in a bit of leather balm from time to time!

How to adjust your bridle:

For a well-adjusted bridle, the bit should be in contact with the corners of the horse's mouth without pressing against them. The two cheekpieces should be adjusted symmetrically and the throatlash should not press the horse's throat: you should be able to slip your hand between the throat and the bridle. If you're not sure about anything, ask your coach for help!

A well-adjusted noseband:

The noseband can be adjusted in different ways depending on your horse's temperament, how sensitive its mouth is and how steady your hand is. In all cases, this part of the bridle should be adapted to your horse's body shape so that it can maintain a relaxed position as it works. If you have any doubts about how to adjust it, seek professional help. A flash is not always necessary and the one on the 580 can easily be removed.

Size guide:

The 580 bridle comes in three sizes*:
PS (pony : less than 13.5 hh), CS (small horse: 13.5 to 15.5 hh) and FS (horse: more than 15.5 hh).
*These heights at the withers are an indication only and can vary depending on the breed and body shape of each horse.

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Composition / advice

Main fabric
100.00% Leather - Bovine
100.00% Leather - Cow
100.00% Stainless Steel
Washing instructions
Do not wash
Do not wash
Do not bleach
Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry
Do not tumble dry
Do not iron
Do not iron
Do not dry-clean
Do not dry-clean
Stock advice Store hung up in a cool and dry place.

Our commitments

Guarantee : 2 Years

Product benefits

Durability It pairs buffalo leather with calfskin for durability!
User comfort The ergonomic headpiece and supple leather are more comfortable for your horse.
Ease of use The roller buckles and snap hook make it easy to put this bridle on.
Easy maintenance A bit of soap on the buffalo leather and your bridle will be as good as new!
Anatomic design Ergonomic headpiece, V-shaped brow band and protective pads for a good fit.

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