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FIFTER Society 500 5-A-Side Football Size 4 - Black/White

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Our team of footballers has developed this 5-a-side ball for frequent playing in centres or for recreational use on small, artificial turf pitches.
  • Size 5 five a side Football
  • Medium bounce to help you master the basic techniques
  • All footballs are sent deflated to reduce transport CO2 emissions and improve delivery times. Get your pump here

Technical Information

Why this ball?

Our design team observed players out on the field to develop and design this hybrid 5-a-side football. The ball is hybrid due to its design that combines the comfort of machine stitching with the durability of hand sewing. These give the ball great sensation and precision, and also make it resistant to the demands of your matches on small artificial pitches.

Foot5, Society, Calcetto or Five-a-side?

"Calcetto" in Italy, "Society" in South America, "Five-a-side" in the United Kingdom and "Foot5" in France... the game has many names, but the rules are always the same. Our ball can be used regardless of what you call the game.


Between 410 and 430g (size 5).


Between 68 and 70cm (size 5).

A "round" ball?

It might seem obvious, but in reality, balls are never completely round! The average variation measured in the sphericity of our ball is 1.5% maximum to ensure smoother, more comfortable football.

Consistent bounce!

This size 5 ball has optimal bounce, between 80 and 100cm. Technical components by our maximum the difference between the ball's lower and the ball's highest is 10 cm, ensures consistent bounce.

Tips for optimal inflation [...]

We recommend inflating this ball to a pressure of 0.55 bars to make the most of it! Don't worry, it's completely normal for a ball to lose a little pressure after a few days (0.1 bar in 72 hours). Pressure is ensured thanks to the latex butyl bladder.

Play in all weathers!

Playing in the rain is something every player experiences! We've simulated these play conditions in the lab to ensure our ball doesn't get heavier by absorbing water. The weight variation doesn't exceed 15% of the initial weight, or 60g for this size 5 ball.

Maintains shape and pressure

2500 shots at 50km/h from 2.5m away on a sloped concrete surface. It's the most demanding test we've subjected our ball to:
- the seams resisted this test
- the circumference increased by no more than 1.5cm
- the sphericity varied no more than 1.5%
- the ball lost no more than 0.1 bar of pressure

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Composition / advice

Outer shell
90.00% Polyurethane, 10.00% Polyester
70.00% Rubber - Natural Rubber - Latex, 30.00% Rubber - Isobutylene Isoprene Rubber - Butyl
Restricted use : Do not put the ball into contact with sharp objects.

Our commitments

Guarantee : 2 Years

Product benefits

Precision The consistent bounce improves precision and feel during possession.
Durability Don't worry, our ball is resistant to 2500 shots.
Lasting air retention Maintains pressure thanks to the materials chosen.
ball touch Materials that encourage the authentic feel of the game.

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