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HUTCHINSON Toro Hardskin 29x2.10 Flex Bead Mountain Bike Tyre / ETRTO 54-622

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Designed for competitive cross-country use, the versatile Hutchinson Toro Hardskin mountain-bike tyre excels on all types of tracks and trails. Made using a Hardskin puncture-resistant fabric barrier to protect against punctures, it also offers great performance and grip thanks to the XC-specific Race Riposte rubber with open knob pattern.
  • Puncture resistant
  • Versatile and reliable
  • Suitable for all terrains


Traction XC-specific Race Riposte rubber (performance + grip) with open knob pattern.
Puncture resistance Hardskin reinforcement for improved puncture resistance.
Efficiency Low-profile tread lugs to optimise performance.
Compatibility For 29" inner tubes and wheels.Tubeless Ready compatible
Weight 710 g. Flex bead.
Waterproof Mounting the tyre without an inner tube requires the use of a liquid sealant.


How to measure tyre wear

Inspect the tread to measure the wear on your tyres and to know when they need replacing. The tread is in direct contact with the terrain you are cycling on and therefore has a direct influence on the tyre's performance.
A tyre needs to be changed when the centre knobs are worn down to the same height as the side knobs.

How to remove a tyre

To remove your tyre, first deflate the inner tube until no more air comes out.
Once deflated, use a tyre lever to remove the tyre from the rim.

How to fit a tyre

To put your tyre back on, first start by inserting one side of the tyre into the rim. Next, inflate your inner tube to approximately 30% before putting it into the tyre (inflating it beforehand reduces the risk of pinching the inner tube). Then, insert the other side of the tyre into the rim, starting on the side opposite the valve.
Before inflating the inner tube all the way, check to make sure it isn't pinched between the tyre and the rim.

How to inflate your tyre correctly

Inflate your tyre carefully. The recommended pressure is indicated on the side of your tyre as well as on its product sheet (available online). Before each outing, make sure that your tyres are at the correct pressure for your ride.

Tip from the pros

When inflating your tyre, be sure to inflate it to the correct pressure for the terrain you will be riding on and especially the weather conditions. When riding in rainy weather, lower the tyre pressure to increase the tyre's traction.
On the other hand, when riding in dry weather, you can increase the pressure for better performance.

Tubeless Ready

This tyre can also be used tubeless (without inner tubes).
Please note that it must be mounted onto a special tubeless rim.
Apply a special tubeless tyre liquid sealant (available in Decathlon stores) to reduce the risk of punctures and improve air tightness.
To inflate a Tubeless tyre, it is preferable to use a compressor or a high-pressure pump.

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Stock advice The flex bead makes it easy to fold the tyre.
Restricted use : Inflate to the recommended tyre pressure printed on the sidewall
instructions To get more information about this product, please read instructions


The Wheel Energy laboratory, certified and recognised by leading global brands, measures several different criteria: grip, cushioning, resistance to wear, lifespan, performance, etc.
Guarantee : 2 Years