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KIPSTA Essential Football Training Flat Markers 10-Pack - Orange

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With this colourful pack of 10 Kipsta flat markers, you can mark out a play area on any sort of terrain. Their unique arrow-shaped design allows you to indicate the direction of movement and their bright colour makes them easily visible. Durable and practical, they make training and workouts more intuitive, effective and fun.
  • Easy to set up
  • Ideal for training practice
  • Hard-wearing and reliable

Product benefits

Durability Supple material helps these flat markers withstand trampling.
Ease of learning The arrow shape shows you which direction to move in.
Visibility Your markers are visible from up to 25 m away thanks to their bright colours.

Technical Information

Introducing the Essential range

We watched players on the pitch and spent a lot of time talking to coaches to establish their needs for setting up drills: marking points on the ground, dodging, etc. To meet these needs, we designed the Essential range. It's made up of clever, affordable products that fulfil a major function (marking out drills, creating targets, etc.) to help you run fun, effective training sessions for all age groups. The Essential markers let you mark out an area. Follow the story!

Our football designers explain the look of the Essential range

"We wanted to create a simple product that has always been around in the sport. The goal was to take a fresh look at an object that was often taken for granted. The flat markers are used in all drills. We added a unique shape to reflect Kipsta's strong identity: even training markers can look nice!"

A unique design for more practical drills

"Here are some examples of how the design helps your training sessions:
- No more packaging! The flat cones come with just a sticker
- Their pyramid shape makes the ball's reaction more realistic: it bounces off the sides of the marker
- The matte arrow on the cone shows you which direction to go during drills: you enter on one side and leave on the other
- And they're easy to throw onto the ground with one hand so you can get your drills set up quickly!"

Reliability and durability tested on the pitch

A strong visual design is important. But a reliable, safe marker is even better. So to test how durable the Essential cones are, we ran all sorts of demanding field tests. Budding footballers at the Kipstacademy had a whale of a time testing their durability by walking all over the cones!

Design and testing

"The Essential range came about in 2017 by a four-person design team who wanted to make training easier and more affordable. The range has been tested in the field and improved based on trainer feedback:
'We worked with a dozen coaches on long-term tests. We were able to gradually enhance our products, such as the colour and pitch type, or their level of durability.'"

Eco-friendly design

The environment is something that is very close to our hearts, and so we worked hard throughout the development process to reduce the environmental impact of our cones. As well as optimising the consumption of materials and getting rid of the packaging, we have chosen to produce these markers as close as possible to our stores to reduce transport emissions: in Portugal for our European stores, and in China for our Asian stores.
The result is a 14% drop in CO2 emissions.

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Composition / advice

100.00% Polyethylene
Stock advice For a longer lifespan, store the product in an area that is protected from bad weather!

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