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Flax fibre for better ski-snow contact

UPOPS Anthr ski and binding

EXPERIENCED skiers looking for a stable, easy to handle and tolerant ski to use as they progress flax fibre has natural mechanical qualities that cushion the vibrations that occur when skiing on hard snow. Reduces fatigue at the end of the day.

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Technical Information

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    Flax fibre technology The flax fibre we use is grown in Europe in order to reduce environmental impact from transport. Flax has recognized natural anti vibration qualities and to improve efficiency we have concentrated it in the tip and tail as the two most sensitive areas. This technology provides better snow / ski contact to assist in steering the skis.

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    Assisted steering The wide tip combined with a narrower tail forms a Y-shaped sidecut generating a real assisted steering effect. The wide tip instinctively helps you enter a turn while the narrow tail helps you complete turns more smoothly making it easier to sideslip

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    N°1 Base Stone finished base providing great grip.

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    N°2 Double layered biaxial fibres To provide the ski with added pop and grip

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    N°3 Core Synthetic foam core thereby reducing the weight of the ski

  • 6

    N°4 Edges Made of steel and sharpened with stone providing great grip.

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    N°5 Layered flax fibre at the tip and tail Reduces the vibrations improving the contact between the ski and the snow and reducing fatigue.

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    N°6 Top Sheet Protects the design

Information / Concept / Technology


polyurethane core, double layered fibreglass underneath and on top, flax-fibre reinforcement at the tip and tail. Ptex 1840 base

Test Product

This ski was checked out in a final test session conducted last summer in Val d'Isère. There was hard snow in the early morning and sludge from 11am. On hard snow the flax fibre serves to reduce and absorb vibration and in wet snow the new PTEX 1840 base improves glide. Very easy to go into curves thanks to the wide end of the tip and get out of curves with its narrower tail. Approved!

The flax fibre we use is grown in Europe. Flax is a natural material with anti vibration qualities

Restricted use :

Unsuitable for weights over 107 kgs

Stock advice

Store in a dry place. At the end of the season, to store your skis in the best conditions, have them waxed and ask the technician not to scrape off excess wax