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a reliable bike for all roads

All Bikes Cycling - Triban 500 Road Bike B'TWIN - Bikes
  • All Bikes Cycling - Triban 500 Road Bike B'TWIN - Bikes
  • All Bikes Cycling - Triban 500 Road Bike B'TWIN - Bikes
  • All Bikes Cycling - Triban 500 Road Bike B'TWIN - Bikes
  • All Bikes Cycling - Triban 500 Road Bike B'TWIN - Bikes
  • All Bikes Cycling - Triban 500 Road Bike B'TWIN - Bikes
  • All Bikes Cycling - Triban 500 Road Bike B'TWIN - Bikes
  • All Bikes Cycling - Triban 500 Road Bike B'TWIN - Bikes
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B'TWIN Triban 500 Road Bike

A great first road bike for commuting giving fantastic value for money. Alloy frame and carbon forks. With upgraded Shimano Sora brakes and Hutchinson equinox tyres for 2014 added to the full Shimano Sora drivetrain and carbon forks, the Triban 500 is a truly great road bike which has become even better. Sportives, riding to work or just to keep fit, the b'Twin Triban 500 will take you there. 5 star rated in Cycling plus magazine in 2013. A great value road bike.

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Important: When you purchase a bike online, pedals are not fitted and the stem/bars are not adjusted. Please visit this video to see how to correctly set up your bike.

Product benefits

    • Versatility
    • Shimano Sora triple chainset, 27 speeds
    • Efficiency
    • BTWIN 6061 T6 aluminium frame, BTWIN carbon fork, aluminium steerer
    • Durability
    • Btwin Sport 32 spoke wheel, double-walled rim
  1. Guarantee : lifetime warranty for the the frame, stem and handlebars on this bike. Details on

Product information

matt grey
10.4 kg in size 57 without pedals

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4.1 / 5

34 reviews

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Bargain serious road bike

Light, good quality components, well built

Poor quality tyres fitted


  (United Kingdom)

30-39 years old    Man

5 5

used for 7 to 12 months A lot has already been said online about this bike, and as it was my first foray into a road bike i've been highly impressed with it. It's light, has great quality components, it appears to have been very well built and I've done 800 trouble-free miles so far.
My only gripe was that I don't think the supplied tyres are the best and I quickly changed them for Michelins, I'd have paid a bit more to have them fitted as standard but I guess cost is everything at this end of the market.

Great Bike, Bad wheels and Poor Workshop Service

Style, ride and cost

Wheels, tyres and workshop service


  (United Kingdom)

20-29 years old    Man

4 5

used for 7 to 12 months I bought this as my first road bike in July 2014 and have covered nearly 1000 miles, it's a great bike in my opinion with excellent value for the cost, it is a joy to ride and looks great. Unfortunately it is let down by a poor set of tyres and wheels and poor mechanical support in store.
The initial set up was poor, the front mech mounted in the wrong place on the frame, rear mech needed adjusting as did the seat as no advice was given in store.
When the gears and brakes are configured correctly it rides excellently.
The supplied Hutchinson tyres were quickly replaced due to excessive punctures, they offer almost no protection at all.
After around 200 miles it became apparent that the spokes on the wheels had lost tension and buckled so i had to learn how to fix with a spoke key.
In January after around 700 miles both front and back wheels were making a loud grinding noise, I called the Decathlon Lakeside store who helpfully offered to take a look at the issue and give me a free bike service which i thought would solve all of my issues. The in-store Mechanic advised that this issue had been caused by lubricant and water getting in to the wheel bearings and was unrepairable, new wheels would be required at around £35 each. I declined the new wheels but went ahead with the service anyway which was a bad idea as when i received the bike the front and rear mechanisms both needed adjusting and the brake leaver tension was so high that the levers barely moved. After undoing the damage done by the service and some adivce from my local bike shop I had a go at cleaning out and regreasing the wheel bearings. Both sets of bearings on both wheels were completely rotten and rusting and had to be replaced and regreased at my own cost. It seems that this issue is caused by a lack of waterproofing around the hub and not enough grease being applied during manufacture.

In short this bike is a great purchase if you know how to adjust/repair road bikes or if you take it to your Local bike shop for servicing. Also replacing the wheels seems to be a good idea which i plan to do for the summer.

Although this review seems overly negative I am pleased with the bike.

Great bike rubbish wheels


  (United Kingdom)


4 5

Bought this bike as a starter on the road bike scene, have been so pleased with such a good bike for the money!
On the down side the wheels and the spokes are rubbish and have come loose and are unsafe to ride!!!!
As for the rest of the bike I love it and now have a top end road bike and I enjoy this just as much.

Great first road bike

Solid build, smooth ride, quality parts

No use for mudguard eyelet / no mudguard clearance


  (United Kingdom)

20-29 years old    Man

5 5

used for 7 to 12 months I decided to start cycling around two years ago. I bought myself a second hand road bike and promised myself if i was still cycling a year later I would buy myself a brand new one. I have no regrets buying the Triban 500.

I wanted to wait before posting this review and now I have had the bike around 6 months and have done over 1000 miles on it as a commuter. I can say the reviews ring true and its an amazing bike. I decided to go with the 500 over the 500SE because of the better quality gears and brakes and I'm so glad I did.

The frame is lightweight and the ride is ever so smooth compared to my old bike I was so surprised how much easier it was to cycle into work. The carbon forks are a great addition and i think help with the smooth ride. I do my own repairs and the build quality of the bike is great. Even down to little rubber tubes over the brake cables to stop it rubbing paint off your frame.

Theres a lot of reviews about poor customer service but the chap in the the Surrey Quay store was so helpful and spent time making sure that the bike was in fully working order to go home on. He even fitted the clipless pedal I bought in addition to the bike. When it came to the free 3 month service they let me book it in even though it was 3 months and 2 weeks after I bought the bike! Even thought it took a whole day to do they sorted out the tensions in the brakes and re adjusted the gears to make it fell brand new.

I've seen alot of reviews about how poor the wheels are but I have no problems with them. they are still tight and work a treat even in wet weather.

My only negative of this bike is that the mudguard eyelet serves no purpose. Most mudguards wont fit this bike because of the small clearance between the brakes and the tyre and I couldn't find any mudguard that could fit that clearance and make use of the eyelet. I now have the Crud Road Racer MK2 Mudguard Set which makes a perfect addition to the bike. Decathlon have a poor range of mudguards so I ended up getting the Cruds from another site online.

I budgeted for £600 for a bike in my opinion of the bikes i tested nothing came close to the ride and feel of the Triban 500 and I saved myself some money to buy clipless pedals and shoes. For the price you cant go wrong with this bike.

Good bike, shame about the service

The bike

The service


  (United Kingdom)

50-59 years old    Man

3 5

used for 1 week or less I've just bought the bike so can't say too much about it yet. I nearly never bought it however because of the service I received. I was buying a number of other things with the bike and when I asked if they could do a deal on any of it the sales chap had t get the manager who then gave me a lecture on how he could easily sell the bike to someone else. They went to fit some free lights but the front one was awful so I asked again if they'd do a deal on the lights only to get the same lecture. Eventually they did throw the lights in for free but there was a very bad attitude. The chap setting the bike up didn't use the proper clamp available and when I picked up my new shoes the bike slipped causing a very small scratch, not impressed. If the proper clamp had been used it would never have happened. The gears have not been adjusted properly and I'm not sure the guy in the shop would've known how to do it properly. So, at the moment it looks like a very good product spoiled by rubbish service. Doesn't help there is no email contact available for customer service.

Response of the brand

Dear Sir,
I have asked our customer services team to contact your directly.
I am sorry to read that the reasons given for not giving you a discount were not positive.
Thank you for taking the time to share you experience with us.
Peter Lazarus UK Market Manager DECATHLON

Technical Information

  • 1

    Frame 6061-T6 aluminium, sloping, with integrated headset. Short frame geometry, 1900 g in size 57, robust frame, available in 5 sizes for users from 1.60 m to 2.00 m tall

  • 2

    Fork/suspension carbon blade, aluminium pivot, 1"1/8 aheadset; combines strength, low weight and precision.

  • 3

    Drive train Shimano SORA triple, precise and ergonomic, very smooth gear shifting.

  • 4

    Brakes Shimano SORA: powerful thanks to forged aluminium arms

  • 5

    Chainset / Cassette Shimano SORA 50/39/30 triple chainset, 9-speed 12/25 cassette, SUNRACE 9 speed 12x25 (12/13/14/15/17/19/21/23/25)

  • 6

    Handlebars / stem / steering B’TWIN Sport alu oversize compact handlebars and stem, Ahead set 1"1/8 headset

  • 7

    Wheels B'Twin double-walled aluminium with reinforcement rings, 32 rustproof spokes, front rear quick release

  • 8

    Tyres Hutchinson Equinox — an excellent tyre for fast-paced training rides. Weighing 290 grams, it is equipped with steel beads, bi-material rubber, and a tread that is harder than the sides mounted on a 66 TPI body.
    KENDA tyres, sizes 43, 45, 48 and 5, for 650 wheels.

  • 9

    Saddle / seat post B'Twin aluminium seat post, one Allen screw adjustment and a very comfortable Selle Royale saddle that is great for long rides.

  • 10

    Pedals pedals with resin toe-clips

  • 11

    Miscellaneous Weighs 10.4 kg in size 57 including pedals

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