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An aluminium racing bike with a carbon fork

All Bikes Cycling - Triban 5 Road Bike, Black B'TWIN - Bikes
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B'TWIN Triban 5 Road Bike, Black

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This is the perfect Road Bike for regular Road Cycling. This Road Bike will prepare you for ascending all types of slopes on the road. A very comfortable ride for outings for up to 3 hours. The Triban 5 is an aluminum frame - and it kitted out with Carbon Forks and 27 speeds. The smaller frames (48 & 51) come with 650 wheels. aluminium frame, carbon fork and 27 speeds.

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Important: When you purchase a bike online, pedals are not fitted and the stem/bars are not adjusted. Please visit this video to see how to correctly set up your bike.

Life Time Warranty: B'TWIN makes the life time warranty for the frames, brackets, stems and rigid forks. Guaranteeing your Bike for life!

Product benefits

  1. 1
    Lifetime warrantyB’TWIN guarantees the frame, stem, and handlebar for life.
  2. 2
    EfficiencyShimano Sora triple chainwheel drivetrain
  3. 3
    Low weight / lightweight6061 T6 aluminium frame, carbon fork, aluminium steerer
  4. 4
    Optimised postureframe and peripheral components adapted to each size

Guarantee : lifetime guarantee for frame, 2 years for fork and spare parts


Product information

dark satin grey
9.9 kg in size 57 without pedals

your reviews

4.8 / 5

62 reviews

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Good Entry Level Bike, But Do Your Homework First

For Price, excellent

Poor Wheels and Tyres, Non-Standard Sized Parts


  (United Kingdom)

50-59 years old    Man

4 5

used for More than 1 year I bought the Triban 5 a year ago as my winter bike.
I've ridden the bike a lot, and despite many upsides (reliability the key one) two things continue to cause me problems: its wheels and tyres.
I know the Triban 5 isn't going to be the smoothest ride and for a long while happily ignored some of its quirks (bumpy ride, weak acceleration, less than perfect gear changes). Then, a few weeks ago, the back wheel began to sound like a train and it became obvious that despite my cleaning efforts grit, dirt and whatnot had got into the wheel. My local bike shop tried to clear the gunk out, but could only do a partly successfully job claiming a number of the bike's parts were of non-standard size/type. Beats me too, but I don't claim to be a bike mechanic. On top of the wheel issue, I noted the tyres aren't great, now seem quite bare in places, and don't appear to run that smoothly. So, I've problems with two important parts of my Triban 5. How do I resolve them?
As a test, I put the wheels and tyres from summer bike on the Triban 5. Talk about a world of difference. The ride is now smoother, faster and probably safer. It feels like I'm on a different bike. Great news, though only a short-term solution as I can't use one set of wheels for two bikes. I guess I'm now in the market for new wheels and tyres for the Triban. Unnecessary time, trouble and expense for what I'd hoped would be a low-cost, low-maintenance machine.

I'd advise anyone to buy Triban 5, as it is real value, but at this cost there are limitations. Be aware, the odds are you'll have to spend a decent chunk of money to replace parts that aren't up to the standard of the rest of the bike. I'm probably looking at a minimum of £200 for new tyres and wheels simply to get the bike in good order. Not quite what I anticipated when I bought the Triban 5.

To conclude, a decent bike, if somewhat flawed in key areas.

Response of the brand

Dear Sir,
Thank you for taking the time to review the Triban 5 road bike.
We can assist with the wheels.  Could you kindly get in touch by email and I will do my best to provide you with a durable long term solution at no cost to yourself.
Regarding the parts, we source standard parts (as many manufacturers do) from one or two key suppliers which are widely used in the cycles industry. 
Since you bought your bike, the newer models come with Hutchinson equinox tyres as standard and the rear hubs have been beefed up to provided extra durability and longevity.
Looking forward to hearing form you.
Peter Lazarus UK Market Manager DECATHLON

Amazing at the new price

Solid, Fast, Comfortable, Reliable

Yet to find any


  (United Kingdom)

20-29 years old    Man

5 5

used for 7 to 12 months I bought this bike coming up to a year ago as a newbie to road cycling. Coming from mountain biking I couldn't believe how fast this bike was and the amount of ground you can cover in a short time. I'm just over 15 stone and hammer it around not really making much effort to avoid dips and ruts in the road which, with my weight, you would expect the bike to start shaking to bits. After absolutely no maintenance and the thrashing I've given it, it is still as solid as the day I bought it and this weekend I am confident the bike will be fine and it is I who will be in pieces at the end of the Manchester 100 mile bike ride. Cannot rate highly enough, I may even buy a second at the reduced price.

Excellent Bike! (but unsure about 650 wheels)

Lightweight, quality parts, low price

650 wheels, No second bottle cage


  (United Kingdom)

20-29 years old    Man

4 5

used for 2 to 8 weeks Upgraded to this from an entry level 12+ kg road bike and you really feel the difference. Very happy with the service and purchase.
Couple of nags are the 650 wheels, don't understand why they are on it as my previous bike had a 47cm frame but ran 700s. Also, if I was being really picky, there is no second water bottle cage bolts as the picture displays.
All said and done, I'd give it 7/10

Excellent Bike...once you eliminate the problems.

SORA for

Pedals, Saddle, gear setup


  (United Kingdom)

20-29 years old    Man

5 5

used for 7 to 12 months Triban bikes are brilliant and well worth the money, they are cheap but this basically outspecs a £550 - £600 Specialized Allez.
However the setup of the bike and the competance of the store staff is another matter.
I had to source a Triban 5 from 60 miles away from my home to commute the 120 mile round trip to collect the bike. I was really impressed with the look of it, it was great. Had a little ride around the store as it was quite busy.
I was assured the gears were setup correctly and everything had been checked and all was good. (I know gears so loosen with time, but we will get to that)
I took the bike home and all was great, I was really impressed with my new bike.
I took it out for a test ride, and BANG the rear tyre blows out. The beading on the rim of the tyre was faulty, therefore the innertube was poking out and exploded on my first ride - leaving me with an unusable bike.
Having spoken to the store they did very little to help me and blamed me for pumping the tyre up too much. - Watch out for these tyres as they were not great at all.
Replaced the tyre with a set of GP 4 seasons and all was good, however outlaying £70 straight after buying the bike was not ideal at all.
Ok they reimbursed me with a £20 voucher, however that did not exactly rectify the situation.
I was offered a free checkup of the bike, great I though, another 60m round trip to lakeside to have it checked, use my voucher and get my EXTREMELY BUCKLED wheels aligned.
Arrive and check my bike in great...excellent...I go and do a bit of shopping and come back to find my bike just sitting on a stand, no staff around it...could have quite easily been nabbed.
I get it home and find a big scratch on my top tube that was not there when I left this morning.
Unlikely that it happened in transit as it had no room to move, so the only other option was that it happened in the care of Decathlon.
I cannot say 100% it was them as I didn't notice it at the time, but being such a new bike I was so careful with it.
All I can say is buy the bike from Decathlon as it's great value, but if you want it serviced, setup correctly, or any other help and support, you'll get a much better service from your local bike shop than you will from Decathlon.
Great products, not so great staff.
Definitely wont be repeating this process when I am set to get a new bike.

Good bike - great for daily commute

sturdy, faster than you expect, comfortable

Rims/hubs; brake calipers


  (United Kingdom)

40-49 years old    Man

4 5

used for More than 1 year Bought this bike Aug 13 to have daily commute bike as quality of London roads meant I wanted aluminium commuter..
Overall quality for the amount paid is good; the new Sora speed shifters are step up from the old version.
Decided not to review until I done a good 1500km on it to really judge quality. So one year down the line, bike has survived reasonably well given the daily abuse it gets!
Issues that I noticed over the year
a) Bottom bracket needs tightening frequently - does have more flex than i like.
b) brake calipers are ok but no way near as good as even simple shimano tiagra's ( which only cost 19£ for the replacements- essential upgrade for central London commute)
c) the rear hubs are poor quality and not up to the job. First failed after 6 months and got replaced, three months in replacement wheel showing same issue. Similar reports can be found on web.
In summary, would still buy it but just be aware of the above.

Technical Information

  • 1

    Frame 6061 T6 aluminium sloping frame with integrated head tube. Short frame geometry, 1900 g in size 57, robust frame, available in 6 sizes for users with heights from 1.60m to 2.00m

  • 2

    Fork/suspension carbon blade, aluminium pivot, 1"1/8 aheadset; combines strength, light weight and precision.

  • 3

    Drive train Shimano SORA triple, precise and ergonomic, very smooth gear shifting.

  • 4

    Brakes Btwin double brake pivot with pads mounted on brake shoes to facilitate replacement when worn down without modifying the position of the brakes

  • 5

    Crankset / cassette Shimano SORA 50/39/30 triple crankset, 9-speed 12/25 cassette

  • 6

    Handlebar / stem / steering B’TWIN Sport alu oversize compact handlebar and stem, Ahead set 1"1/8 headset

  • 7

    Wheels Btwin double-walled aluminium with reinforcement rings, 32 stainless spokes, front rear quick release
    Two Wheel Sizes:
    650 for frame sizes 48 - 51
    700 for frame sizes 54 - 57 - 60

  • 8

    Tyres B'Twin FRC 700 x 23 road tyres

  • 9

    Saddle / seat post Btwin aluminium seat post, one Allen screw adjustment and a very comfortable Btwin Sport saddle that is great for long rides.

  • 10

    Pedals pedals with resin toe-clips

  • 11

    Miscellaneous Weighs 9.9 kg in size 57 including pedals

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