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Dynamo powered lighting, pannier rack, bag.

Reference : 8202739

Tilt 9 City Folding Bike, City Bike - Copper

everyday trips around the city, going shopping or coming home The premium 1'' folding bike: 7 gears in the market leading hub, drive train belt, pannier rack, dynamo-powered lighting in the front hub, superb finish.

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Product benefits

    • Lifetime warranty
    • B’TWIN offers a lifetime warranty on the frame, stem, handlebar and rigid fork.
    • Versatility
    • Fully equipped with 7 speeds, a dynamo and double-walled rims.
    • Fast acting
    • Unfold the bike in just one second thanks to its Pop-Up hinges.
    • Easy transport
    • "Fold 'N' Roll" design lets you pull the bike like you would a suitcase.
    • Non-messy
    • "Cleanride" drive train with a lube-free belt and mudguard with stays.
    • Easy adjustment
    • The Easyclamp lets you adjust the seat height easily and quickly.
    • Visibility
    • Built-in and battery-free "Light-In" lighting powered by a dynamo hub.
    • Durability
    • Machined double-walled rims
  1. Guarantee : lifetime warranty for the frame, stem, handlebar and rigid fork on this bike. Details on

Product information

145 cm - 195 cm
Maximum load
120 kg
Copper brown

Technical Information

  • 1

    Frame Made of 6061 aluminium with a patented "Pop-Up" folding mechanism. The bike is folded using a lever underneath the seat that opens and closes the hinge. This avoids having to handle bike parts that are often messy or hard to access. The bike instantly folds using its Pop-Up system. The entire fold-down operation can be performed in a few seconds. The frame's shape also allows it to be used as a stand when parked.

  • 2

    Fork 6061 aluminium fork for lower weight.

  • 3

    Drive train Cleanride with carbon belt: not dirty because no lubrication is required. A SHIMANO Nexus 7-speed hub with twist grip shifter provides great versatility. Distance travelled (in meters) for each revolution of the crank: 2.58m, 2.98m, 3.48m, 4.0m, 4.76m, 5.40m and 6.35m. No danger of getting dirty or your chain jumping. The belt is also lighter, quieter and more durable than even a top of the range chain.

  • 4

    Brakes Aluminium V-brakes, levers and callipers.

  • 5

    Chainset 170 mm aluminium cranks with protective end pieces.

  • 6

    Handlebar / stem / steering Flat aluminium handlebar. Aluminium "Pop-Up" stem with automatic locking: no more risk of forgetting to engage the safety lock before you ride. Automatic and ultra simple.

  • 7

    Wheels 20-inch double-walled anodized aluminium rims provide excellent performance and durability up to 120 kg load.

  • 8

    Tyres b'Twin 20x1.95 cream coloured with side reflective strips. These tyres provide excellent traction even on wet roads, good performance, and are very comfortable.

  • 9

    Saddle / seat post With Easyclamp, you can easily adjust the saddle height without forcing it. The Tilt aluminium seat post includes a lever that controls the hinge of the frame. A ruler marker is laser-etched onto the front side so you can set the seat height in a flash. The saddle includes an ergonomically-designed handle under the nose to pull the bike along once folded, side reinforcements to protect it from scratches when placed against a wall, and perforated fabric for more comfortable handling.

  • 10

    Pedals Folding

  • 11

    Accessories / equipment Light-In: Battery-free, powered by its SHIMANO dynamo hub. Front lighting built into the frame and bolted down to prevent theft. LED (10 lux). Rear LED light built into the pannier rack. It has a 4-minute timer: the light stays on even when stationary for added safety. Pannier rack, transport bag, grips, and saddle finished in vintage leather.

  • 12

    Dimensions (cm) Folded: 47x66x80 - Unfolded: 59x111x150

Information / Concept / Technology

Test Product

Bikes designed to last: The Tilt has been field tested over several months by a panel of demanding riders. Every day and in all weather, our bikes have travelled thousands of kilometres in order to guarantee optimum quality standards. Torture test: our test engineers have invented entirely new test machines to make sure that our exclusive parts live up to your expectations. Tilt is certainly the only fold-up bike designed for users up to 120kg.

Restricted use :

not suitable for off-road riding, jumps and tricks.

Stock advice

Store your Tilt 9 in a dry place, in a case if possible.

Care instructions:

Do not lubricate the belt. Regularly check the tension, tyre pressure (3.5 bars), and make sure screws are tight.