all your need for recreational MTB:sturdy 21 speed

All Bikes - Rockrider 5.0, Mountain Bike, Black B'TWIN
  • All Bikes - Rockrider 5.0, Mountain Bike, Black B'TWIN
  • All Bikes - Rockrider 5.0, Mountain Bike, Black B'TWIN
  • All Bikes - Rockrider 5.0, Mountain Bike, Black B'TWIN
  • All Bikes - Rockrider 5.0, Mountain Bike, Black B'TWIN
  • All Bikes - Rockrider 5.0, Mountain Bike, Black B'TWIN
  • All Bikes - Rockrider 5.0, Mountain Bike, Black B'TWIN
All Bikes

B'TWIN Rockrider 5.0, Mountain Bike, Black

discovering mountain biking and off-road outings on paths and trails. all your need for recreational MTB: sturdy 21 speed.

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adjustment of handle bar height


  (United Kingdom)

50-59 years old    Man

3 5

used for More than 2 years can any one explain how to adjust the height of the handle bars in easy layman's terms please?

Response of the brand

To answer your question, it is not possible to raise the height of the bars on this bike.  In fact, on most modern bikes which use the "aheadset" system, it is not possible.  Only a more old fashioned (and less sturdy) system such as a "quill" stem can be adjusted vertically.
If you want a more upright position, I suggest you change the stem to one of these models (depending on the diameter of your bars):
Peter Lazarus UK Cycling Market Manager DECATHLON

Great Value

Cheap but rugged

Needs a better quality BB


  (United Kingdom)

50-59 years old    Man

5 5

used for More than 2 years I got this bike back in 2013 as I wanted to get back into cycling after many, many years away and also wanted to get fit again. The added bonus was it was reduced to £89.

It is now March 2015 so I can give a fairly good review as it gets used daily on rides no less than 10km and of usually upwards of 40km a day. Only yesterday a went for a 80km ride with a friend who spends 2 grand on a bike with all the whistles and bells and couldn't believe how I kept up with my "Vet Basic" RR 5.0.

It has been modified a little with new off road tyres as the originals are not much use for anything and where a little dodgy in the wet, I added mud guards because I hate having a muddy backside plus when the Bottom Bracket went after only 18 months I changed it for a shimmano sealed cassette type and we have done many a happy km together.

I have a rock rider 6.0 fire LTD edition full suspension as well and still prefer to ride this one. Would it go off road and up a mountain? Probably but it wouldn't be suitable for that kind of riding but if you want fun, flies on your teeth type thing again the hell yes, go for it.

Think before you buy!


  (United Kingdom)

3 5

If you're looking for a cheap bike to pop up to the shops now and again or to have a leisurely ride round the local park etc. then this bike is fine and good value. However, it's going to be your main workhorse for travelling to work and long journeys, then I would (having purchased one to do just so) advise adding a bit more to your buget and buy something else ... more sturdier. Negatives with this bike: You will have to change the saddle; it's far too hard and uncomfortable. I have already had two punctures since I bought it 4 months ago. This is because the bike is fitted with low-spec inferior tyres and inner tubes. I have had some problems with the brakes in that they keep rubbing against the wheel while in motion. I actually went back to decathlon yesterday, where I had bought it, and they kindly adjusted them. Only whereas the rear brakes had been the main problem and are now rectified, they have made the front brakes worst. If you buy any bike from decathlon I suggest you thoroughly check over the bike before purchasing as I think they have a habit of not setting up the bikes properly. Last point is the gears and cables seem to be ok on my bike but don't seem well built and I could easily see problems ahead with this.

Great... until...

Price and Service

Concerned about quality


  (United Kingdom)

40-49 years old    Man

2 5

used for 3 to 6 months Purchased for my son end of May 2014 from Southampton store as had seen great reviews of the product.
All was fine until recently when the duralier got caught in the spokes during gear change (son doesn't normally use gears and I had encouraged him to start!). Duralier is broken, there are a few loose spokes , damage to the saddle and handlebars, plus a flat spot on the tyre.
I spoke to the store, a guy called Jean, and he was brilliant and has asked me to bring it in for it to be fixed.
My concern is whether the bike is up to the job longer term and whether all the things that were damaged when this happened will be repaired or replaced.
We'll see...

Response of the brand

Hi James,

I am sorry to hear about the damage to your son's Rockrider 5.  I'm sure you're in safe hands with Jean but if everything is not to your satisfaction with the repairs don't hesitate to get back in touch.  The bike is not designed for intensive use so the moving components (tyres, gears, bearings) may wear quicker than on the bikes designed for more intensive use.  All parts and forks are guaranteed for 2 years against defects and the frame comes with a lifetime guarantee so I hope this reassures you.

Kind regards,

David Daker Commercial Director DECATHLON

Superb value

Value for money, useability

Nothing at this price.


  (United Kingdom)

50-59 years old    Man

5 5

used for More than 2 years So you can only get a "bike-shaped object" for this price? Well, I'm not an expert cyclist, but when I bought this bike its sheer useability re-ignited my love of cycling. I decided to go for a cheaper steel-framed bike rather than an alloy one with front suspension, which weighed the same. I think this was a wise move and I rarely miss the suspension, or at least the sort you'd get for this money. The bike is well-made, with good components, though I did replace the saddle with a gell one. It is ideal for country roads, forest tracks and canal towpaths, with a good range of gears for hauling you up hills. To cap it all, the guy in the Glasgow Fort store who sold me it (2 years ago) knew what he was talking about, advised me well and set the bike up properly for me. The most important thing about this bike is that, unlike some at this price, it won't put you off cycling. Quite the opposite.

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Frame Sport geometry; HI-TEN steel; oversize tubes; five sizes (3 men's, 2 women's). Wide steel tube provides more comfort and durability. Because it is easy to adjust, the bike is comfortable to ride and offers superior control.
Fork / Suspension Rigid fork made of steel for added comfort.
Drivetrain Shimano TZ30 front derailleur; Shimano rear derailleur; KMC Z51 chain. Change speeds using SRAM MRX 21-speed (3x7) grip shifters.
Crankset / Cassette 24x34x42 steel crankset. The steel crankset with a plastic protective piece is tough and reliable. 21 speeds (3x7).
Brakes Aluminium 2-finger brake levers; helical spring V-brakes. A powerful and progressive braking system. One finger is all it takes to stop at any time. Anti-corrosion treatment on the screws.
Handlebar / Stem / Steering 580 steel handlebar; steel headset stem; steel components guarantee the bike's strength and durability over time. This Headset assembly provides added stiffness as well as greater resistance in the event of a frontal impact; steel headset stem; steel components guarantee the bike's strength and durability. This Headset assembly provides added stiffness as well as greater resistance in the event of a head-on impact.
Wheels 36-hole aluminium rims to lower the weight. Quick-release front hub is handy when you need to take off the wheel to transport the bike in your car, store at home, or for repairs.
Tyres 26x2.0 semi-slick tyres are the ideal balance for city and country cycling.
Saddle / Seat post Wide and comfortable PU MTB saddle. Comfortable positioning helps you stay in control of your bike. Steel components ensure the bike's durability and longevity. HL SP200 steel seat post.
Pedals VP platform pedals with bearings. Steel components ensure the bike's strength and durability.
Weight 1445 kg in size S without the pedals
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Information / Concept / Technology
Restricted use : Not suitable for Mountain biking on rough terrain.
Stock advice Store in a dry place.
Care instructions: we recommend reading and following the maintenance instructions found in the manual that comes with your Btwin bike.
Guarantee : lifetime warranty for: frame, stem, handlebar and rigid fork on this bike. Details on