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Sober sport sunglasses for mountain activities.

Reference : 6285230


mid- and high-mountain activities, all year round, in sunny / very sunny weather. Sober sport sunglasses for mountain activities.

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Product benefits

    • Sun protection
    • Protection in sunny weather - full UV filter - category 3 lenses
    • Anatomic design
    • Fit onto any face shape with their flexible frame
    • Support
    • The arm tips are made from soft materials to ensure proper hold
  1. Guarantee : 2 Years

Product information


Technical Information

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    LENS Category 3: lets 8% to 18% of light through - all UV rays are filtered out
    Optical class 1
    Material: impact resistant polycarbonate
    Geometry: spherical - 8-base

Information / Concept / Technology

Stock advice

The quality of your vision depends on the proper care of your glasses. The case is not mere luxury! Stored in their case, your sunglasses are protected from scratches, shocks and crushing.

Care instructions:

Clean your lenses with a suitable accessory: towelette, microfibre cloth or lens cleaner (ORAO accessory range). Avoid using paper towel, cloths that contain silicone or tissues as they may scratch your lenses. Household product disinfectants, acetone may also damage your lenses and their surface treatment. In the event of splashes on your lenses, never dry wipe them: rinse with clear water first.