For improving archery skills.


for RECREATIONAL archery or starting out at CLUB level from 10 to 30 metres. For improving at archery.

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From : 29/06/2016 with this item
Reference : 8174629
Precision Rigid grip.
Dynamic limbs.
Ease of use Ergonomic grip.
Easy to load.
Easy assembly / dismantling Screw-in limbs.
False string supplied to set up string.
Durability Grip and limbs moulded and stiffened with fibreglass.

4.1 / 5

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excellant beginners/training bow


heavy construction, sharp edges around moulded sec


  (United Kingdom)


3 5

used for More than 1 year i nought the 26lb poundage. found it good strong, but slightly heavy bow, had to sand down all the sharp mouded edges to smooth, both ends of string were same size so marked top loop with black maker. prefer if i cut fit a universal sighter as my cartel wouldnt fit this so need to buy another. changed the flimsy arrow rest to a heavy duty stiff arrow rest


Fun, stress buster




3 5


Average to Good - starter bow

Price is great, well constructed for the price

String servings & Arrow rests



30-39 years old    Man

3 5

used for More than 2 years I have used the Initech initially and then bought the newer Initech 2. The riser predominantly is the same with changes primarily to the limbs. The bow comes with a Hyot arrow rest, initially (which is good), this would last you for a few hundred arrows before it needs replacement. Unfortunately when it comes time to replace the arrow rest you have no choice but to go with Initech arrow rests which are flimsy in comparison to the Hyot. Also the fastflight strings have an issue with the Serving knots; both the center and end servings tend to unravel within a few shots and if not tended to immediately can be a cause for concern.
All in all an average to good buy for a person starting the sport.

Amazing starter recurve bow

Ease of use, great fun, perfect starter bow


  (United Kingdom)

5 5

used for 2 to 8 weeks This is a brilliant first time recurve bow. I got the XL, 72 inch which has 28lb pressure which is perfect for starting out. I used to use a traditional long bow, so this was a perfect bow to learn more modern techniques, love the fact you can attach sights, stabilisation, clicker etc. Would highly recommend and also buy the carbon arrows at three odd pound each, perfect for this bow.

Best to Begin with

Quality, Assembly, Casing

Should have come with Bow sight



20-29 years old    Man

5 5

used for 2 to 8 weeks I have been using this for little over a month now and i can say it's a good product. Taking into consideration the mere pricing ₹5,299/-. I use it with Geologic Carbon arrows, and it is amazing.

Could have come with Bow sight though, didn't find one made by geologic. With this, i got the safety kit combo purchased separately :

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SIZES Size M = 66 inches (Archer from 1.35 m to 1.54 m).
Size L = 68 inches (Archer from 1.55 m to 1.74 m).
Size XL = 70 inches (Archer from 1.75m and over).
Draw weight Size M = 24 Lbs
Size L = 26 Lbs
Size XL = 28 Lbs.
STORAGE The storage case can be used as a bow rest during a session.
COMPATIBILITY Standard inserts for attaching sight, clicker, plunger-button and stabilizers.
Use arrows best suited to your bow's draw weight and your draw length.
Composition Plastic injected grip filled with fibreglass. Injected limbs. Nickel-plated brass insert complies with international standard (A.M.O) Fastflight string with serving + nocking points. Polyamide arrow rest. Polypropylene false string.
Restricted use : Children must be supervised at all times.
Stock advice Dismantle your bow after each use to prolong its lifespan. Store your bow away from source of heat and damp.
Care instructions: To optimise performance, think to replace string and arrow rest in the event of visible wearing.
Guarantee : 2 years excluding consumables (bowstring and arrow rest).