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For improving at archery

Bows Target sports - INITECH 2 RIGHT HANDER BOW GEOLOGIC - Archery
Reference : 8174629


STARTING AND LEARNING the basics of archery, alone, as a family or with friends. For improving at archery.

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Product benefits

  1. 1
    Accuracy / precisionGood.Moulded grip reinforced with fibreglass. Moulded limbs.
  2. 2
    Anatomic designBow for RIGHT HANDERS.
  3. 3
    Casting weightFrom 18# to 22#.
  4. 4
    Adjustable sizeAvailable bow sizes: 66, 68 and 70".
  5. 5
    Easy assembly / dismantlingAssembly instructions for the limbs, arrow rest, string and notching indicator.

Guarantee : 2 years excluding consumables (bowstring and arrow rest).


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An Easy to use Beginners bow

, The 02/09/2013

4 5

easy to string, easy to use and oh so very cheap

it can feel a little flimsy

Our local archery range uses this brand of bow as an introductory and beginners range weapon. its ergonomic design and light weight combined with its ease of draw and ease of adaptability for more advanced users in the form of balance and weight makes this an exceptional first personal bow.

With a few minor adaptions this bow will be more than sufficient for most amateur bowmen up to and including low end competition level and is able to compete with much more expensive equivalent draw bows.

intech bow

, The 12/05/2013

4 5

ease of set up,nicely weighted

this kit needs finger tab & short guard to be incl

I bought 2 of these bows one each for my son & I as we just recently jioned a club. I found it nicely balanced & very easy to set up,as it comes with a stringer & the string plus the case is atually the bow stand & ground quiver in one. But the best thing about this kit is the price at £49.99 you couldn't get better,without it being just for the bow on it's own. So I say to anyone looking for a bow get this & have fun with your club. ( just needs tab & guard to be included )

Information / Concept / Technology


Moulded grip reinforced with fibreglass. Moulded limbs. AMO standard metal insert.

Restricted use :

Only use in a suitable environment.

Stock advice

Dismantle the bow when not in use.