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For improving archery skills.

Bows Target sports - INITECH 2 RIGHT HANDER BOW GEOLOGIC - Archery


for RECREATIONAL archery or starting out at CLUB level from 10 to 30 metres. For improving at archery.

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Product benefits

    • Precision
    • Rigid grip.
      Dynamic limbs.
    • Ease of use
    • Ergonomic grip.
      Easy to load.
    • Easy assembly / dismantling
    • Screw-in limbs.
      False string supplied to set up string.
    • Durability
    • Grip and limbs moulded and stiffened with fibreglass.
  1. Guarantee : 2 years excluding consumables (bowstring and arrow rest).

Product information

Available in M / L / XL

Technical Information

  • 1

    SIZES Size M = 66 inches (Archer from 1.35 m to 1.54 m).
    Size L = 68 inches (Archer from 1.55 m to 1.74 m).
    Size XL = 70 inches (Archer from 1.75m and over).

  • 2

    Draw weight Size M = 24 Lbs
    Size L = 26 Lbs
    Size XL = 28 Lbs.

  • 3

    STORAGE The storage case can be used as a bow rest during a session.

  • 4

    COMPATIBILITY Standard inserts for attaching sight, clicker, plunger-button and stabilizers.
    Use arrows best suited to your bow's draw weight and your draw length.

Information / Concept / Technology


Plastic injected grip filled with fibreglass. Injected limbs. Nickel-plated brass insert complies with international standard (A.M.O) Fastflight string with serving + nocking points. Polyamide arrow rest. Polypropylene false string.

Restricted use :

Children must be supervised at all times.

Stock advice

Dismantle your bow after each use to prolong its lifespan. Store your bow away from source of heat and damp.

Care instructions:

To optimise performance, think to replace string and arrow rest in the event of visible wearing.