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10°C. CHILD. Versatile: warm, light, and compact

Reference : 8206757

10° Junior Hiking or Camping Sleeping Bag, Left, Green or Pink

sleeping in temperatures close to 10°C, while HIKING and CAMPING. (children under 1.40 m). 10°C. CHILD. The Super Versatile sleeping bag: warmth, low weight, and compact design. 5-year guarantee!

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Technical Information

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    Temperature of use: "On all of our sleeping bags, we attach the "comfort temperatures" tested by an independent laboratory (AITEX) according to the EN 13537 European Standard of 11/04/2002.
    The "comfort temperature" is the lower temperature limit at which the user feels comfortable overall - neither hot nor cold - while lying in a relaxed position (temperature determined by an average woman under normal conditions of use)."

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    What are the temperature "limits" for use? Comfort limit temperature: The minimum temperature at which a user feels comfortable overall - neither hot nor cold - while huddled up in the sleeping bag (as determined by an average male user under normal conditions of use).

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    That said, you should keep in mind: "A sleeping bag does not produce heat, but "conserves" the heat generated by the body. If you are tired and chilled and you get inside your cold, damp sleeping bag, you will most likely be cold no matter how great your bag is!
    These temperatures therefore depend on the individual's resistance to cold (build, fatigue, …), their equipment (mattress insulating from the ground, …), their clothing (nude, base layer,…), and the weather conditions (damp, wind,…)."

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    Tips for warming up before getting into your sleeping bag: "Dress simply (a single layer of clothing is enough)
    Warm up your head, hands and feet: hats, gloves, socks, foot warmers, rubbing…
    A container of hot water can be used as a hot water bottle (if there is no chance of it opening unexpectedly!)
    Contract your muscles (70% of the energy your consume is transformed into heat) without making movements that could cause a draught."

Information / Concept / Technology


Inner fabric: 65% polyester, 35% cotton. Outer fabric and wadding: 100% polyester.

Stock advice

Easily store your sleeping bag by stuffing it into its cover feet first. To keep it fluffed up, which will ensure good thermal performance, remove its cover and store it somewhere dry.

Care instructions:

Wash your bag separately from other delicate clothes or colours, fasten rip-tabs, loosen the hood, use 1/3 of a dose of washing powder, and select a synthetics cycle at 30°C. For drying, stretch the bag out in a dry and well-ventilated place out of the sun and away from heat sources, or tumble dry at a low temperature. Tip: using a sleeping bag liner allows you to wash your bag less often so it will retain its thermal properties.

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STRATERMIC Stratermic, for textiles that free you from the cold.