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Multi-purpose: leg press and punch bag stand.

Reference : 8159215

HG 90, Multigyms Fitness Body Training, Grey

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intensive weight training at home (over 5 hrs a week). Compatible with TB390 punch bag (not included). Multi-purpose: leg press and punch bag stand.

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Product benefits

    • Versatility
    • 2 workout stations. 11 exercises. Individual muscle by muscle workout.
    • Ease of use
    • Adjustable backrest. Leg press. Exercises poster. Max load 90kg.
    • User comfort
    • Thick upholstery. Accessories: 2 bars, 1 pull handle, ankle strap.
  1. Guarantee : 5 years for frame, 2 years for parts.

Product information

Product size
L200 X W110 X H214 cm.
179 kg with weights.
Box size
L207.5 x W45 x H25 cm.
5 hours.

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Domyos HG90 Multigym

Compact, well built and with a good weight stack

Nothing really


  (United Kingdom)


5 5

Had one of these since 2008. Used almost daily. Nothing's broken or deteriorated. Bit of a faff to put together but you only do this once. How they do them for the money is beyond me. The weight stack is a full 90 kg which is good for all unless you really are into serious body building - but then you wouldn't go for a multigym. Plenty of exercise options and with a proper leg press which is a rarity in home gyms. Instruction manual is good. Pegged weight stack makes for easy use.

Technical Information

  • 1

    Punch bag stand: max 20kg, compatible with punch bag TB 310 (not included). Butterfly: pectorals, lats, deltoids. Low pulley: glutes, hamstrings, adductors.

  • 2

    Horizontal leg press: quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, glutes. Chest press: pull and push, pectorals, deltoids, triceps. Pull bar: deltoids, trapezius, pectorals, triceps.

Information / Concept / Technology

Restricted use :

Max punch bag weight: 20kg, user weight: 110kg. HOME USE ONLY.

Care instructions:

To prevent perspiration from damaging the upholstery, always use a towel. Remember to wipe the seat after every use.