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For training with a load of 60kg.

HG 60-3

regular weight training at home (up to 5hrs per week). For training with a load of 60kg.

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Technical Information

  • 1

    Pecs using the: butterfly chest press, pull over to build pecs.

  • 2

    Trapezius using the low pulley and the bar you can build your upper back.

  • 3

    Lats using the high pulley and lat bar you can build your back muscles.

  • 4

    Shoulders using the low pulley you can work your deltoid muscles.

  • 5

    triceps using the high pulley you can increase the size of your triceps by pulling down.

  • 6

    biceps Using the low pulley you can do arm curls to work on your biceps.

  • 7

    thighs You can work on leg curls, build your adductors, abductors and glutes.

  • 8

    Lat pull bar: deltoids, trapezius, pecs, triceps. Adustable butterfly: pecs, lats, deltoids. chest press: pecs, deltoids, triceps. Leg: quads.

Information / Concept / Technology

Restricted use :

110kg maximum user weight. FOR HOME USE ONLY.