Safe archery shooting.

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archery at distances between 5 to 10 metres. Safe archery!

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From : 02/10/2016 with this item
Reference : 8172871
Precision For shooting between 5 to 10 m
Forgiveness Soft arrow
Durability The tube made of fibreglass is very durable for use with the GEOSOFT arrow.
SIZES 1 length only: 27 inches)
SPINE Arrow suitable for bow with a maximum draw weight of 23 lbs.
COMPATIBILITY Arrow suitable for use with Startech bow.
SAFETY PRECAUTIONS WARNING: Please follow these instructions to prevent any form of personal injury.
Never shoot with a damaged arrow.
A damaged arrow can shatter on release and injure you.
Check arrow rest is in good condition and that it will not buckle under the strain of arrow action.
Composition Fibreglass shaft mounted with 3 x 2" T.P.U fletching P.P. nock and rubber suction tip.
Restricted use : Only use with "SOFTARCHERY" target.
Stock advice Do not store in a damp place or expose to extreme heat.
Guarantee : 2 year warranty for shaft (excluding fletching - arrowhead - nock)