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For added enjoyment during your road outings.

All Bikes - Fit 3 Road Bike, White B'TWIN
  • All Bikes - Fit 3 Road Bike, White B'TWIN
  • All Bikes - Fit 3 Road Bike, White B'TWIN
  • All Bikes - Fit 3 Road Bike, White B'TWIN
  • All Bikes - Fit 3 Road Bike, White B'TWIN
  • All Bikes - Fit 3 Road Bike, White B'TWIN
  • All Bikes - Fit 3 Road Bike, White B'TWIN
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All Bikes

B'TWIN Fit 3 Road Bike, White

the pleasure of road cycling and exercising, where you'll work up a sweat without noticing as the miles fly by. The speed of a road bike with great comfort to boot! With an ideal riding position for people cycling occasionally on roads or in cycle lanes, this bike is agile and goes anywhere.


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Please select a size


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Important: When you purchase a bike online, pedals are not fitted and the stem/bars are not adjusted. Please visit this video to see how to correctly set up your bike.

Life Time Warranty: B'TWIN makes the life time warranty for the frames, brackets, stems and rigid forks. Guaranteeing your Bike for life!

Product benefits

  1. 1
    EfficiencyVery light wheels and aluminium frame, 21 speeds for tackling any road
  2. 2
    Ease of usetwist grip gear shifters and efficient brakes at your fingertips
  3. 3
    Optimised postureflat handlebar and short stem to relieve the back and neck
  4. 4
    Anatomic designSizes available: 51 - 54 - 57 - 60 - 63

Guarantee : lifetime warranty for: frame, stem, handlebar and rigid fork on this bike. Details on


Product information

51 - 54 - 57 - 60 - 63
11.6 kg in size 57

Technical Information

  • 1

    Frame: Aluminium with built-in head tube. The sloping aluminium frame is very sturdy and easy to handle. It has a shorter frame geometry for a comfortable riding position.

  • 2

    Fork: Steel, tapered The fork is comfortable and stable in turns. This tapered fork reduces vibrations for added comfort.

  • 3

    Stem: JD 362 - 10° (90 to 120 mm) Handlebar: JD MTB 500 to 540 mm The flat handlebar and shorter stem relieves your back, bringing the controls closer to your hands.

  • 4

    Saddle Royal Viper; Seatpost: aluminium Very comfortable saddle for long rides.

  • 5

    Drive train: Shifters: SRAM 3.0 twist grip shifters; Front derailleur: TZ31 Shimano; Rear derailleur: SRAM 3.0; Cassette: FAC MICHE 7s 13X26; Crankset: Prowheel 48/38/28 170 mm; Chain: KMC Z51 Grip shifters make gear changing easy and instinctive. 21 perfectly geared speeds to help cyclists of all levels find the right rhythm without too much effort.

  • 6

    Rims: Mach 1; Hubs: Aero 32; Spokes: 32 round; Tyres: Btwin; Inner tubes: Herrmans The wheel+tyre combination ensures excellent road holding. 25 cross-section tyres for more comfort.

  • 7

    Brake calliper: Double pivot; Brake levers: Black aluminium, 3-finger Powerful and progressive braking that feels safe. The levers are easy to hold and make it easy to apply just the right braking power.

your reviews
(7 reviews)

btwin fit 3

, The 18/06/2013

4 5

reasonable build for the money

the innertubes supplied are trash, replace them

Bike is good fun to use, but the innertubes supplied seem to be pretty poor quality. They only did 16 miles for me. I did however buy some btwin tubes with the longvalve and they seem alot better. I also had some build issues - handlebars not tightened, and gears not setup very well. but beyond those minor issues it's good for the money

nice bike nice price

, The 14/06/2013

4 5

price specs performance

couldn't find mudguards to fit

I have had this bike since August last year and I've done about 1,500 miles. I love my bike and this was a bargain when I bought it last year at £250. I agree with another review that said that it makes light work of hills. Only downside is that the wrists get sore on long journeys with the handlebars. It is ideal for city commutes.

Terrific Bike!!!

, The 09/06/2013

4 5

Lightweight, fast, strong brakes

Could be a touch lighter!!

I LOVE my FIT3 i have been riding the hell out of it since it arrived the end of March this year to replace my stolen bike!

The bike is great, very reliable and is a joy to ride. It makes very light work of hills and glides up them with little effort required from the rider. I use mine on a pretty much daily basis and would estimate im close to 1,000 miles ridden so far & all ive had to deal with is one puncture.

If you don't wanna spend a small fortune but seek quality then choose a FIT3

Good but no longevity.

, The 13/04/2013

3 5

Good value, excellent Winter bike.

Questionable component parts.

Bottom bracket fell apart after only 5 months of riding at 10 miles per day replaced at own cost. Rear break caliper seized after 7 months along with the TZ31 Shimano Front Derailleur. Nearest store is 4 hrs away so have had no time to claim under 2 year parts warranty, any assistance most welcome.

Great Value and Performance

, The 04/03/2013

5 5

Looks great, very light, performs well


As a regular mountain bike rider this is my first road bike. After a year of use and about 1000 miles, it is still in great condition. It rides like new with slick gear change and strong brakes. Nothing has broken or fallen off and apart from 1 puncture it has needed nothing from me. I can totally recommend it and at the price it is a bargain

Information / Concept / Technology

Restricted use :

inflate tyres to manufacturer's recommended pressure.

Stock advice

Store the bike in a dry place.

Care instructions:

Do not wash with high pressure water jet.