Big enough for 4 to 6 people, pitched in 2 minutes

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Quechua Base Seconds Pop Up Camping Shelter

a family of 4 to 6 backpacking campers who need a quick set-up living area offering shelter from the weather. A living area big enough for 4 to 6 people and which can be pitched in 2 minutes. Provides a protected living space when using small camping tents.

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Easy assembly / dismantling Pitched in 2 minutes. Folds down in less than 2 minutes with practise.
Capacity Height 2 m.
5 m²: room to stand and sit with for 4 or 6 seated at a table.
Sun protection The fabric is SPF 30 to filter UV rays.
Ease of use Doors with mosquito screens protected from the rain by overhangs.
Durability Wind resistance: validated in wind tunnels and on a rotating plate.
Waterproof Tested under shower at 200 mm water / hour and in the field.
Easy maintenance Spare parts and pole repair available at Decathlon workshops.

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Quechua Base Seconds

Used as awning for camper van and it's brilliant

Why can I not get the "velcro" in ground sheet?


  (United Kingdom)

+60 years old    Man

5 5

used for 2 to 8 weeks Love this product - very quick to put up/take down. Size is perfect as awning for my camper van.
Would love to be able to get correct size ground sheet that used to be available to velcro into the product.
Would also have liked it in previously available grey - a great pity these are no longer produced.

So simple to put up (& down with practice)

Pops up in no time at all



  (United Kingdom)

40-49 years old    Man

5 5

used for More than 2 years I have 3 of these that connect into an L shape. One lounge, one bedroom and one for the bikes. Bought for holidays with my daughter and so simple to put up. Allows us to spend our time as we please. I have two bedroom inserts and two ground sheets too.

Brilliant idea!

Goes up in 2 minutes!


  (United Kingdom)

50-59 years old    Woman

5 5

used for 2 to 8 weeks I went to Italy at the beginning of June 2016 and all the Italians had one, and you know what they say 'When in Rome do as the Romans do!' I checked I could get one in the UK before coming home or else I would have bought one there, luckily Decathlon sell them. Bought one, it arrived quickly with the couriers keeping me informed so arrived OK. Have used it more or less every weekend since in all weathers as both a tent to sleep in and a drive away awning for my VW T4 camper van. It more or less puts itself up. It can be tricky to fold down into a circle took me 3 trips and lots of U tube watching to get it back in the bag but even so still got it small enough and flat enough to travel back ok. It's got loads of features like fly screens etc and if you are in a group and everyone has one you can make a honeycomb like kingdom by putting them door to door. I knew as soon as I saw one it was the one for me and it hasn't disappointed, I absolutely love it. Finally compared to other drive away awnings it is a bargain price!

Not same as picture


  (United Kingdom)

1 5

Great idea easy to put up amd down. However the picture advertised shows the pull out sections going down to ground but thru only zip to halfway down. This means that when you put 2 together which decathlon say they are designed to do - they don't properly work as have a bit of a gap.
Also it has velcro inside for the special groundsheet that is no longer sold. Please re introduce it.

Experienced camper with this tent

Up in seconds, great for lone parents.



  (United Kingdom)

50-59 years old    Woman

5 5

used for More than 2 years Got this tent as husband does not like camping and I wanted a tent that I could put up on my own and tall enough to stand up in. Kids at the time were 7 and 9 and were reluctant helpers. Now teenagers, I have two tents - this one for me and another one with the bedroom attached for them. I got a ground sheet with my tent which you attach with Velcro. I prefer this rather than it be 'built in' as you can wash them really well ect. A good tent to get quick cover in terrestrial rain. Out of the bag and up. However, does need to be pegged down. I always have a cheap festival pop up tent handy for bad weather, chuck the kids in and set the big tents up when weather permits. Hope this blog is informative. My main advise is to watch the video on how to get it down and get it into the bag. It is doable but you need a tutorial here or will end up abandoning it !! I watched the video 10 plus times and was quickly proficient but needed that tutorial, I am 55 and 5' 3''. I can do this anyone can.

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Entry/exit 2 big doors, which fold easily into a pocket for more ease and to keep the living space open in fine weather.
Dimensions and weight; folded dimensions 2.25 m-sided square living area, 5 sqm surface, max headroom 1.9 m.
Cover: 85 cm diameter and 10 cm thick disc. Weight: 6.4 kg.
Guarantee All our tents are guaranteed for 2 years of normal use (your receipt or loyalty card is used as proof of purchase).In the event of a problem, have your tent checked out in your local Decathlon store.2-year guarantee.Spare parts and pole repair available at Decathlon workshops.
Inner space Thanks to its 5 sqm surface, 4 or 6 people can easily sit around a table.
Pitching/folding Pops up in 10 seconds, fully pitched in less than 2 minutes. Free-standing (can easily be moved even after it is pitched). It is advised to use the 10 pegs to ensure wind resistance. Can be taken down in less than 2 minutes with practice.
Sun protection The fabric flysheet filters UV rays with a SPF of 30. Please note: a significant amount of UV rays can enter through a single open door: protect your skin.
Wind protection We test all of our tents in a wind tunnel with a rotary table to expose each side of the tent to the wind. A properly assembled tent with all the stays in position around the tent should remain habitable;e under wind speeds measuring 50 km/h at ground level.
Waterproofing Like all Quechua tents, the waterproofing has been particularly well-developed, approved in lab tests (ENTIRE TENT tested with 200 litres of water per hour and sqm!) and on field tests. (PU-coated polyester roof with heat sealed watertight taped seams). 2 twinned Base Seconds were approved in terms of waterproofing in the same conditions.
Reduces heat 1 air vent under each of the 3 "overhangs", 4 mosquito net windows (can be closed off) + 1 ceiling air vent. Designed for optimum ventilation and to reduce natural build-up of condensation.
Poles, pegs Poles: Solid fibreglass for excellent break resistance.Tent pegs: 5 mm galvanised steel pegs for good twisting resistance.
Composition Main fabric : 50.0% Polyester (PES), 50.0% Polyurethane (PU) Pole : 100.0% Glass - Fibre (FG)
Restricted use : Risk of condensation if gap in T° between day&night is too great
Stock advice STORAGE - after use or cleaning, do not store your tent until it is PERFECTLY DRY to prevent odours and mould from forming.
Care instructions: 1 CLEANING - if needed, clean the tent with soapy water, then rinse (with a hose if possible). Then leave to dry completely. 2 TREE SAP STAINS - Can be very hard to remove Once the stain is fully dry, gently scratch it off while holding an ice cube on the inside of the fabric to make the sap brittle so it will come off more easily. 3 STORAGE - after use or cleaning, do not store your tent until it is perfectly dry to prevent odours and mould from forming.
Guarantee : All of our tents can be repaired in your local Decathlon workshop.