Big enough for 4 to 6 people, pitched in 2 minutes

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Quechua Base Seconds Pop Up Camping Shelter

Designed for a family of 4 to 6 backpacking campers who need a quick set-up living area offering shelter from the weather. A living area big enough for 4 to 6 people and which can be pitched in 2 minutes. Provides a protected living space when using small camping tents.

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Easy assembly / dismantling Pitched in 2 minutes. Folds down in less than 2 minutes with practise.
Capacity Height 2 m.
5 m²: room to stand and sit with for 4 or 6 seated at a table.
Ease of use Doors with mosquito screens protected from the rain by overhangs.
Durability Wind resistance: validated in wind tunnels and on a rotating plate.
85 CM ø DISK
6.4 kg
225 CM
225 CM
Dimensions and weight 2.25m square living area, 5 sqm surface, max headroom 1.9 m. kg.
Weight: 6.4 kg.
Bedroom space This Base Seconds was designed as the living area for 2 Seconds tents, during cold, rainy, or mosquito-filled evenings. It therefore does not have a bedroom, but is compatible with 2 Seconds bedrooms. A bedroom is sold separately to fix inside the Base Seconds, converting it to a wide 2 to 4-man tent for sleeping.
Living / storage space Thanks to its 5 sqm surface, 4 or 6 people can easily sit around a table. A compatible groundsheet is sold separately. Another advantage is that one Base Seconds can be twinned with another Base Seconds.
Entry/exit 2 big doors, which fold easily into a pocket for more ease and to keep the living space open in fine weather.
Pitching/folding Pops up in 10 seconds, fully pitched in less than 2 minutes. Free-standing (can easily be moved even after it is pitched). It is advised to use the 10 pegs to ensure wind resistance. Folds down in less than 2 minutes with practise (details and film available on
Waterproofing Like all Quechua tents, the waterproofing has been particularly well-developed, approved in lab tests (ENTIRE TENT tested with 200 litres of water per hour and sqm!) and on field tests. (PU-coated polyester roof with heat sealed watertight taped seams). 2 twinned Base Seconds were approved in terms of waterproofing in the same conditions.
Ventilation 1 air vent under each of the 3 "overhangs", 4 mosquito net windows (can be closed off) + 1 ceiling air vent. Designed for optimum ventilation and to reduce natural build-up of condensation.
Wind resistance We test all of our tents in a wind tunnel with a rotary table to expose each side of the tent to the wind. A properly assembled tent with all the stays in position around the tent should remain habitable;e under wind speeds measuring 50 km/h at ground level.
Poles Solid fibreglass for excellent break resistance.
Tent pegs 5 mm galvanised steel pegs for good twisting resistance.
Cover 85 cm diameter and 10 cm thick disc. Non-zip flap which is more practical, and 2 straps for occasional carrying.
UV protection (protection against Ultraviolet rays) The fabric flysheet filters UV rays with a SPF of 30. Please note: a significant amount of UV rays can enter through a single open door: protect your skin.
Composition Main fabric : 50.0% Polyester (PES), 50.0% Polyurethane (PU) Pole : 100.0% Glass - Fibre (FG)
Restricted use : Risk of condensation if gap in T° between day&night is too great
Stock advice STORAGE - after use or cleaning, do not store your tent until it is PERFECTLY DRY to prevent odours and mould from forming.
Care instructions: 1 CLEANING - if needed, clean the tent with soapy water, then rinse (with a hose if possible). Then leave to dry completely. 2 TREE SAP STAINS - Can be very hard to remove Once the stain is fully dry, gently scratch it off while holding an ice cube on the inside of the fabric to make the sap brittle so it will come off more easily. 3 STORAGE - after use or cleaning, do not store your tent until it is perfectly dry to prevent odours and mould from forming.
Guarantee : All of our tents can be repaired in your local Decathlon workshop.

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