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Speed/rate sensors kit for COUNT7 cyclometer.

Cycling Computer Cycling - ANT+ Speed/Rate Sensor, Cycle Computer B'TWIN - Bike Accessories
  • Cycling Computer Cycling - ANT+ Speed/Rate Sensor, Cycle Computer B'TWIN - Bike Accessories
Reference : 8181211
Cycling Computer

B'TWIN ANT+ Speed/Rate Sensor, Cycle Computer

measuring the speed and rate (pedalling frequency). Kit for a second bike, 2.4 GHz wireless ANT+ coded transmission. Speed/rate sensors kit for COUNT7 cyclometer. ANT+ 2.4GHz coded wireless transmission. Compatible with all computers with ANT+ technology.

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Product benefits

  1. 1
    Accuracy / precisionCoded wireless digital transmission (ANT+ 2.4GHz technology).
  2. 2
    CompatibilityCompatible with all ANT+ cyclometers (including the "COUNT7" cyclometer)
  3. 3
    Easy assembly / dismantlingTool-free, fast and easy mounting on the chainstays.

Guarantee : 2 Years


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3.7 / 5

20 reviews

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Seems to work for me


A bit ugly, no online documentation


  (United Kingdom)

40-49 years old    Man

4 5

used for 7 to 12 months I had no problems installing this or getting it to work with my Garmin Edge 500. I've probably done over 1000 miles with it now, in various weather conditions, and it's still working.
BUT - the documentation that came with it isn't great and I may have thrown that away. I've contacted Geonaute asking for some information on it, the button on it a battery state indication? If so, does it show red instead of green when the batter is low? How long can I expect the battery to last overall (roughly) and how long have I got left when it starts to show the low state?
The response was a link to a (French!) quickstart document for their Count14 product which hardly mentions anything about the speed/cadence sensor!
While overall I'm pleased with my purchase, availability of proper online documentation (in English) for this needs improving.

Total rubbish


Did not work,


  (United Kingdom)

40-49 years old    Man

1 5

used for 1 week or less The sensor did not work, the installation instructions were totally shockingly poor!! Just don't bother buying one!!

Response of the brand

Hi Richard,
Thanks for your feedback on this product, we are so sorry to hear that it did not perform as you wished. I will pass on the mail to the product manager in France. As we exercise a satisfied or satisfied guarantee on all our products, if you could please return the product for an exchange (for another model) or a full refund, we would be grateful.

Pete Lazarus Market Manager

Good - but seems to have durability issues

Great - it does exactly what it should



  (United Kingdom)

40-49 years old    Man

4 5

used for 7 to 12 months First up - it's half the price of the Garmin GSC-10 and it does the same job. It's easier to position and appears to be more durable than the Garmin piece but I have had two here in less than a year go bad - losing the ability to detect pedal cadence (swapping new for old and keeping exact same positioning it works again - so not a magnet position issue, battery changed in both cases and no improvement - so not battery life either).
That said - it lasted longer (for me) than the Garmin and it's half the price - *almost* a disposable item.
The instructions on the device are very light - but the basic is that it needs to be active to pair - activation happens when one or other of the sensors detects the magnet passing by - so spin the wheel or crank (or simply pass the magnet past one of the sensors to wake it)
Despite the negative of durability - I'll still replace these ones like-for-like.

Not waterproof


Fails again and again


  (United Kingdom)

30-39 years old    Man

1 5

used for 3 to 6 months I have now returned three of these devices. The first one failed after a couple of months. The second one failed after a very heavy downpour and on this occasion when I replaced the battery (which I did each time before returning it to check I didn't have a duff battery) I noticed that the battery was covered in a gunky mess and clearly mud and rain had got into the unit. I ride a road bike so its not like I have been taking it through streams or muddy fields.
Third time lucky - nope. Failed again after a month and yet again in the battery compartment is evidence of water and gunk. I got caught in a ten minute downpour a day before it failed so can only put it down to that.
I have not opened any of the devices until they have failed so it is not a case of not re sealing it correctly.
On a positive note, Decathlon have been very good at replacing them but I guess you get what you pay for. This time I will be after a refund. Not fit for purpose.

Response of the brand

Dear Sir,
I'm sorry that you've had so many issues with this product.
I have contacted the product manager directly to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.
You are correct that in it's current format it certainly seems that it's not fit for purpose.
My apologies for this and I hope we can find a quick resolution to rectify the waterproofing.
Peter Lazarus UK Market Manager DECATHLON

OK when it workd

Pairs well to watch and cycling computer

First unit failed after 3 months


  (United Kingdom)

40-49 years old    Man

3 5

used for 3 to 6 months Unit stopped working after 3 months, tried changing battery but new batteries did not even make the battery check work! Ordered another as price is good. If it fails again, I will have to look elsewhere

Response of the brand

Dear Sir,

Thank you for posting a review of the b'Twin ANT+ speed/HR sensor. I'm sorry to read that you've encountered an issue with the quality of the unit.

I have forwarded your experience onto our product manager at b'Twin who is charge if this sensor to bring the issue to his attention.

I hope you have more success with your new sensor.


Peter Lazarus UK Market Manager DECATHLON

Information / Concept / Technology

Restricted use :

Only compatible with computers with ANT+ technology.

this product has been designed with following concepts

GEONAUTE me, my environment, my community

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