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Replacing your original squash grip is a quick and easy way to help you feel a little more comfortable playing squash. Grips that come with racquets are often quite flimsy and will damage easily, so it’s a good idea to replace it with a separate grip, or layer an overgrip over the original to give you a little extra comfort. Some players perspire a lot during squash and get less control over the racquet, so check out these squash grips for sweaty hands, with top squash brands like Karakal and Wilson to choose from.

If you’re playing intensive squash and feel you need eye protection, check out Decathlon’s selection of squash goggles to protect your face during matches. We also stock squash rackets within our Squash department.

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When you buy a new racket, whatever the quality of the frame and the strings, a grip is often added as an afterthought. To get a good quality squash grip you often have to buy a separate one when you pick up a new racquet. Try out the sqaush racket grip you have first before buying – if it irritates the skin of your palms, or you can’t maintain a good hold of the racket you should consider buying a new grip.

Players with large hands often prefer to buy an overgrip. This is a squash grip you can layer over the existing grip to make the grip a little bit larger and easier to handle.