Welcome to the Decathlon Diving Shop, If diving is your sport, we've got it covered at Decathlon, with a range of quality equipment to choose from. With our choice of wetsuits, you can find the perfect fit to keep you comfortable in the water, no matter the temperature. Add a pair of gloves & wetsuit boots & you won't be in any hurry to get out of the water. We also stock snorkels & masks so you can enjoy exploring the world beneath the waves, while a good pair of fins will power you through the water.

    Here at Decathlon we stock the latest Snorkeling Masks, Watershoes & Booties and Dive Computers.

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    Our hero product of the season is the Easybreath Snorkeling Mask, shop now for just £34.99

    Tribord Top Junior UV 100

    Price Drop Quality at even lower prices

    Price drops on a range of products, including 100 B Boy's Aquashoes,500 M Snorkel Kit, D100 Junior Shorty & Mantiroa 100 Snorkel Mask.

    TRIBORD 100 B Boy's Aquashoes TRIBORD 500 M Snorkel Kit TRIBORD D100 Junior Shorty TRIBORD 100 Manoroa Snorkel Mask