Welcome to the Decathlon Fishing Shop, If you’re hooked on fishing you’ll find everything you need at Decathlon. We stock a wide range of quality rods, reels, lines & nets to suit all kinds of fishing. So, if you’re into freshwater fishing, carp or sea fishing, you can get kitted out right here with the latest equipment. We also stock a great selection of clothing so you’ll always be suitably dressed for the riverbank, lake or coast, and we have all the accessories you’ll need to help you land the perfect catch.

    Here at Decathlon we stock the latest Fishing Carp Bait, Waders & Boots and Fishing Boats & Accessories for your perfect catch

    Caperlan Carp Bait Caperlan Wader and Boots Caperlan Fishing Boats and Accessories

    Our hero product of the season is the Caperlan Big Runner Set, shop now for just £34.99

    Caperlan Big Runner Set

    Price Drop Quality at even lower prices

    Price drops on a range of products, including the Gooster Fish Bait, Essential Surf 420 Set, Start Waders & Morphoz Fishing Bedchair

    Caperlan Gooster 4x4 10Kg Caperlan Essential Surf 420 Set Caperlan Start Waders Caperlan Morphoz Fishing Bedchair