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    Welcome to the Decathlon Skate & Scooter Shop, ditch the slow pace of footsteps and add speed and adrenalin into the mix with our great range of skates, scooters, and skateboards. After all, everything's a whole lot more fun when it's done at speed. Boost your mood, burn calories, and improve your fitness levels all whilst having a blast on your own set of little wheels. We have picked the best selection of skates from inline to traditional four-wheel styles, scooters for kids up to adult-size versions, and skateboards.

    Here at Decathlon we stock the latest Scooters, Inline Skates and Scooter for your perfect Spring ride.

    OXELO Adult Scooters OXELO Inline Skate OXELO Longboards

    Our hero product of the season is the Oxelo Easyfold Town 7 - Blue, shop now for just £99.99

    OXELO Easyfold Town 7 - Blue

    Price Drop Quality at even lower prices

    Price drops on a range of products, including Play 3 Inline skates, Play 3 Scooter, & 4 Wheels pack - 80mm.

    OXELO Play 3 Scooter OXELO Play 3 Inline Skate Pink OXELO Play 3 Inline Skate Blue OXELO 4 wheels pack 80mm 82A